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Stuart Young is a Scot living in Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand. He is an alumni of Harlaw Academy and the University of Edinburgh, where he studied environmental chemistry and marine biogeochemistry.

He is a wiki addict and has contributed to a variety of music and politics wikipedia definitions. He began contributing entries to Internet-enabled collaborative knowledgebases with back in 1993 when it had an email interface.

My Contributions[edit]

New Zealand[edit]

As well as the politics pages, also some Auckland geography pages:

Environmental science[edit]

Still interested in some environmental science definitions:

Drstuey elsewhere[edit]

This is me on other websites:

Useful links[edit]

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Useful code[edit]

New Zealand Politics[edit]

[[Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand | Green Party]]
[[New Zealand Labour Party | Labour Party]]
[[New Zealand National Party | National Party]]
[[New Zealand First | NZ First ]]
[[United Future New Zealand | United Future]]
[[ACT New Zealand | ACT]]

[[New Zealand general election 1990|1990 elections]]
[[New Zealand general election 1993|1993 elections]]
[[New Zealand general election 1996|1996 elections]]
[[New Zealand general election 1999|1999 elections]]
[[New Zealand general election 2002|2002 elections]]
[[New Zealand general election 2005|2005 elections]]

[[Mixed Member Proportional|MMP]]
[[Single Transferable Vote|STV]]
[[Party-list proportional representation|party list]]
[[Member of Parliament|MP]]
[[New Zealand Parliament|Parliament]]

[[Category:New Zealand politicians|Add politician name]]




[[Category:Living people|Surname, Firstname]]


I award you this music Barnstar for your work on articles related to The KLF, but in particular for your creation of the Library of Mu. Without your Librarianship we would never have got The KLF article to Featured Article status, so hearty thanks are due. --kingboyk 13:14, 2 June 2006 (UTC)