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Brief Profile[edit]

Dr.SYED JALALULLAH is a Islamic Scholar who can be called as an Administrator, Intellectual Thinker, Reformer, Research Scholar, Trainer, Visionary Leader, Mediator, Social activist, Peace keeper, and Nationalist. He has thirty Years of professional experience - Held Senior Management Positions, as a Professional Manager, Project Manager, Consultant etc. and he Directed Complex projects from concept to completion. As a social activist he conducted several cases in High Courts and Supreme Court of India for Public cause and succeeded. He have Twenty years experience in HAJ AFFAIRS & MANAGEMENT and is qualified in Islamic Spiritual and Shariat laws, trained by eminent Shaiks and Moulvis.

Also, he acts as a Secretary of Indian Hajj Umrah Group Association[1]


  1. ^ Secretary of Indian Hajj Umrah Group Association