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Drvh is the short form of

Dr. med Raimund von Helden, german family physician since 1991 working in his own practice: 57368 Lennestadt, Germany

1) Is he an expert for vitamin D?

He was the first to present the acute syndrome of vitamin D deficiency in 2009:

This knowledge was written in a book, presented by Willam B Grant: Information about this book: ( In his book Healthy in Seven Days, Dr. Raimund von Helden examines the use of Vitamin D to treat many illnesses. The MANOS concept (Muscles, Adynamia, Nervous system, Orthostasis, Skeletal damage) covers the main symptoms of acute vitamin D deficiency. The book contains many informative case studies, showing how these complaints and illnesses can be permanently remedied by eliminating the cause. Vitamin D deficiency is a widespread issue nowadays, and one of the main causes of disease in many patients. Science has shown that an optimum vitamin D level is over 40 ng/ml. The risk of infections, heart disease and cancer drops significantly in this range, while life expectancy increases. Anyone wanting to regain health, joie de vivre and creativeness, and maintain these in old age, should heed the information presented in this book. William B. Grant, Ph.D. – San Francisco, June 2011 Author of of more than 180 scientific articles on vitamin D, and the founding director of the Sunlight, Nutrition And Health Research Center –

This book about the treatment of vitamin D deficiency is very popular in Germany:

2) What are his references?‎

3) Is he participating in actual scientific discussions?

He is the founder and moderator of the VITAMIN-D-RESEARCH-GROUP at the FRAUNHOFER INSTITUTE (Email-Server for scientists). Over 50 scientists are watching the actual discussions about vitamin D.

4) What are his contributions for Wikipedia?

His scientific publications are listed in the german vitamin D version of wikipedia.