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I, Ghirlandajo, hereby award you this Epic Barnstar for your massive contributions to the Wikipedia coverage of mediaeval art. Keep it up!

I have been here, under another name, since September 2003 and under this name since March 2004.

In general, I am working on the Wikipedia sections concerning medieval art, especially illuminated manuscripts and local (Oklahoma) history. I have also played some with articles associated with birding topics, especiall birding lists. Other interests include history, especially medieval history, birds and birding, nature studies, home-schooling, celtic music, children's literature, and architecture.

On my name: I have noted that in discusions with other users, people don't seem to know how to address me. I originally edited under my actual name. When I decided to change names I switched to what had been my AOL screen name. It was formed by combining the names of two cats I owned Desmond and Gold. However at the time, AOL screen names were limited to 8 characters so Desmond Gold became Dsmdgold. You can call me David, if you like. Just don't call me Dave.

This page and its talk page has been vandalized 8 times.

Towel blue decorativepattern closeup.jpg This user is a certified Towel master.