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I want to thank all the people whom I've met or collaborated with on wikipedia: special mention to Charles Matthews, Magnus Manske and the editors at the Women's History wikiproject. After seven years, offline commitments mean that I can no longer justify the amount of time I'd got into the habit of spending around here. I continue to wish the project well. It's an amazing collective achievement, and I applaud the painstaking labours of all those half-sung heroes and heroines who continue to build it.

Earlier material on this page has been archived (April 2007) to User:Dsp13/Archive1

I'm a historian & writer based in the UK, working as a knowledge engineer for Evi, a Cambridge-based company building internet & mobile question-answering technology. I started editing Wikipedia 7 July 2006. Pages I've started include Cedar Paul, Robert Leslie Ellis, John Grote, George Ballard and List of nineteenth-century periodicals. Many of my edits have involved adding humdrum categories - birth and death categories to biographical articles, or year of establishment to publications, schools, companies etc. I've written scripts to match wikipedia pages to library name authority records, the National Register of Archives and the ODNB. Using Template:Venn, I've added about 4,000 references, for Cambridge alumni, to ACAD, a recent online edition of Venn's Alumni Cantabrigienses.


People prominent in ODNB lacking individual articles in Wikipedia[edit]

From 14,000 or so matches made (as of June 2008) between wikipedia and ODNB:

Some particular classes of people are relatively less well-represented in Wikipedia than they are in ODNB. One way to see this is to use words in their short description in the publicly accessible index to the ODNB.

  • Words correlated with relative under-represention (<10% in wikipedia): justice, headmistress, ejected, jesuit, quaker, topogragher, baron, friar, engraver, presbyterian, bookseller, clergyman
  • Words correlated with relative over-represention (>50% in wikipedia): economist, astronomer, director, explorer, philosopher, broadcaster, physicist, canterbury, zoologist, conductor, cricketer, king, australia

Looking at those in ODNB with gender-specific Christian names (around 90%), women in ODNB are less likely (24%) than are men (27%) to be in wikipedia.

People prominent in NRA lacking individual articles in both Wikipedia and ODNB[edit]