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Getting Help[edit]

  • - List of international suicide hotlines.

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What are templates used for?

Templates are pages that you can include on another page. They are usually used to insert boilerplate messages that need to be displayed on more than one page. But templates are quite versatile and can be used to accomplish many things. Some specialized uses for templates are:

To include a template on a page, enclose it in double curly brackets, leaving out the prefix "Template:", like this:

{{In the news}}
Read more:


Watchlist insufficient?:

Other stuff[edit]

  • User:Zhaofeng Li/reFill — incredibly helpful tool which automates the task of filling-out text for bare URLs used as references

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Eben Moglen sketches the history of copyright law as a form of industrial regulation, and analyses how the changes in technology have thrown the roles created by those laws into crisis.
Yochai Benkler discusses the growth of user autonomy, the possibility to be makers of our culture rather than remain merely passive recipients, as was the norm in the industrial system of information production.
Trailer for Laura Poitras documentary Citizenfour.
(view or download from Commons here)
Edward Snowden speaks about the NSA leaks, in Hong Kong. First published in The Guardian.
(view or download from Commons here)
Edward Snowden & Daniel Kahn Gillmor discuss free software, surveillance, power, and control of the future. Preceded by address from John Sullivan, FSF executive director.(view or download from Commons here)
Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive explains their operations and demonstrates Scribe Machines.

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