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Duckfx urban graffiti artist and contemporary artist was born in 1973 in belgium, Antwerp In his early years he discovered that his surrviving technique would be drawing art to see the future.On his 12 year he won a drawing contest for a rollerskate club (1985). Later (1988) in his quest he saw the light in the spraycan as his pray-off to be his rollmodel in the night's of the to-be first generation graffiti artists in europe. When on the age of 14 he visited his first art exposition he got hooked up with american graffiti artist from the first generation names like: Seen,Quik,Blade,... who brought the subculture graffiti and hip-hop to europe and in the same room where the Nederland youghtfull artist's like Delta, Shoe present (1988, Kris de laet gallery ). After training and traning (under biographical references) he got into the famous graffiti collective FX and Unlimited resources names like Daim, Ces and pose 2 where not unkownn to the scene globally... He traveled painted in style around the globe and his style started to evolve: Organic and slim where his motions. On the way he learned how to handle computer skills and he gained more input from outside the subculture. As years passed by his name got know by all kind of people like Gloria jones and Jacky Jackson, Faithless(expo in 2003 in larocca belgium) and david bowie(online announcment on his personal website) he knew how to entertain people to the max with his skills. Last in 2002 he got sick and evolved a kind of cancer (yisernia bacteria) but still he painted his life trought the hard times he ever encountered... He lost two girlfriends, got roofless regarding his illness and surrvived at least cancer in 2009 In 2009 he got out off his psychotic ( he suffers from bipolarity) episode of 7 years of bad luck and he started to engage himself powered with brushes markers and spraypaint, computers and photography, drawings and music making even the innovation industry got no excusse to let a good idea go ... he putted his mind on everything where a stampseal could be brought on!

But now not without no excuss of just doing it to survive ,No ,,... He met sven aerts (click here))a kyoto-consutant and yought member of the united nations... The millenium goals and agenda 21 of the United nations convention of climat change wher up next to bring light into the battle against his personal unfairless times and global misery. Now He spends his time to paint to support the millennium goals 2015 of the united nations to help poverty out of this planet. Keep the planet clean.

for more See next upcomming event on http://duckfx.<<tk Example.jpg