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Let Go is the debut album by Canadian Pop rock singer Avril Lavigne, released on June 4, 2002.[1] It was highly successful, received four Grammy nominations for this album and its singles, being certified platinum six times in the United States, five times in United Kingdom, seven times in Australia, four times in New Zealand, and once in Japan. In Canada it received a diamond award for surpassing sales of 1 million in less than a year (11 months). As of May 2008, Let Go has sold over 18 million copies worldwide.[2] Lavigne recorded a song called "Let Go", but it was never put in the album. She embarked on the Try To Shut Me Up Tour on January 23rd, and released the My World DVD. Let Go was originally set to be titled Anything But Ordinary. According to Sony BMG Brazil, Let Go has sold approximately 300,000 copies in Brazil as of 05/19/2008. Let Go ranked number 18 on Gracenote's Elite 100 Chart.

Track listing[edit]

Original Edition
  1. "Losing Grip" (Avril Lavigne/Clif Magness) 3:53
  2. "Complicated" (Lavigne/The Matrix) 4:03
  3. "Sk8er Boi" (Lavigne/The Matrix) 3:23
  4. "I'm With You" (Lavigne/The Matrix) 3:42
  5. "Mobile" (Lavigne/Magness) 3:31
  6. "Unwanted" (Lavigne/Magness) 3:40
  7. "Tomorrow" (Lavigne/Curtis Frasca/Sabelle Breer) 3:48
  8. "Anything But Ordinary" (Lavigne/The Matrix) 4:10
  9. "Things I'll Never Say" (Lavigne/The Matrix) 3:43
  10. "My World" (Lavigne/Magness) 3:26
  11. "Nobody's Fool" (Lavigne/Peter Zizzo) 3:56
  12. "Too Much to Ask" (Lavigne/Magness) 3:44
  13. "Naked" (Lavigne/Frasca/Breer) 3:28
Japan Edition
  1. "Why" (Lavigne/Zizzo) 4:00
Sketch Book Promotional Edition
  1. "Complicated" (the Matrix Mix) 4:08
Japan Tour Special Limited Edition
  1. "Why"


  1. "Complicated" (music video)
  2. "Sk8er Boi" (music video)
  3. "I'm With You" (music video)
  4. "Day in the Life" (NYC Epk)
Tour Edition

Bonus VCD:

  1. "Get Over It"
  2. "Why"
  3. "Unwanted" (Live)
  4. "I'm With You" (Live)
  5. "Nobody's Fool" (Live)
  6. "Day in the Life" (NYC Epk)
  7. "Footage"
  8. "Complicated" (music video)
  9. "Sk8er Boi" (music video)
  10. "I'm With You" (music video)
  11. "Losing Grip" (music video)
Japan Re-release
  1. "Why" (Lavigne/Zizzo) 4:00
  2. Complicated (Karaoke)
  3. Sk8er Boi (Karaoke)
  4. I'm With You (Karaoke)
  5. Losing Grip (Karaoke)
Standard CD Enhanced Media Content
  • Biography
  • "Complicated" (music video) 4:12
  • EPK 5:55
  • "I Don't Give" (bonus track)
  • Lyrics (songs playing in the background)
    • "Complicated"
    • "Sk8er Boi"
    • "Mobile"
    • "Unwanted"


  • Josh Freese - drums on tracks 1,5,6,10 and 12
  • Clif Magness - producer, electric & acoustic guitars, electronic keyboards, piano and bass guitar on tracks 1,5,6,10,12 and 13
  • Evan Taubenfield - lead gutair and background vocals
  • The Matrix - producer, additional vocals on tracks 2,3,4,8 and 9
  • Corky James - guitars on tracks 2,3,4,8 and 9
  • Victor Indruizzo - drums on track 3
  • Suzi Katayama - cello on track 4
  • Curt Frasca - producer, guitars, bass guitar, percussion and keyboards on tracks 7 and 13
  • Sabelle Breer - backings vocals on tracks 7 and 13
  • Alex Klena - drums on tracks 7 and 13
  • Peter Zizzo - producer, guitars on track 11
  • Jeff Allen - bass guitar on track 11
  • Dennis Johnson - beats & scratching on track 11
  • Gerry Leonard - guitars on track 11
  • Joe Bonadio - drums on track 11


  • "Complicated" was the first single released from the album. Its release had a major impact on Lavigne's career, and significantly increased sales of the album. The song peaked at number one in Spain, number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, number three on the UK Singles Chart, number one in Australia for 6 weeks and number one in New Zealand for 9 weeks. "Complicated" remains Lavigne's most successful song to date, before her second most successful song "Girlfriend", from The Best Damn Thing.
  • "Sk8er Boi" was the second single released from Let Go, with a punk edge. The song went to number 1 in Spain, top 10 in the U.S., UK and Australia, New Zealand and top 30 in Canada. Nonetheless, it remains one of Lavigne's biggest songs to date. In the UK, the Single Sk8er Boi also helped the Album to achieve the Number one position just one week after the single was released.[3][4]
  • After the upbeat songs "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" had their runs globally, Lavigne decided to release a ballad from her album. "I'm With You" performed a little bit better than "Sk8er Boi", peaking at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, number five in New Zealand, number seven in the UK, and number seventeen in Canada. The song is famous for establishing Lavigne's vocal prowess. It reached #1 on the Global song chart and is one of Lavigne's top 3 Hits to date.
  • The alternative rock-influenced "Losing Grip", which sampled some electronically enhanced lyrics and chords, was the fourth single. It barely gained any airplay or video play in the U.S., peaking at number sixty-four on the Billboard Hot 100, more than fifty spots lower than its three predecessors.
  • "Mobile" was the fifth and final single released from the album, although it was only released in Australia and New Zealand as a radio-only track. It was later used in 2003's The Medallion, the 2004 film Wimbledon with Kirsten Dunst, and a brief appearance in the film, Just Married. It charted at #26 in New Zealand.

Other songs[edit]

  • The song "Tomorrow" was played in one episode of the second season from the Warner Bros. series Smallville and became very popular between the fans.


Official B-Sides[edit]

Leaked B-Sides/Outtakes from the Let Go Sessions[edit]

  • "All You Will Never Know" 3:40
  • "Let Go" 4:11
  • "Take Me Away" (Avril Lavigne, The Matrix) 3:29
  • "Headset" (Peter Zizzo, Avril Lavigne) 3:35
  • "Falling Into History" (Peter Zizzo/Lavigne, Avril/Sheely, Jessica) 4:09
  • "Tomorrow You Didn't" (Keith Follesse, Peter Zizzo) 4:12
  • "Once and for Real" (Peter Zizzo, Avril Lavigne) 3:48
  • "Make-Up" (Avril Lavigne, The Matrix) 3:15
  • "Not the Only One" (Avril Lavigne, Sabelle Breer,Curt Frasca) 3:15
  • "Stay (Be the One)" (Avril Lavigne, Peter Zizzo) 3:54
  • "Move Your Little Self On" (Avril Lavigne, The Matrix) 4:12
  • "You Never Satisfy Me" (Avril Lavigne, Clif Magness) 3:00

"Tomorrow You Didn't" is the only song in Lavigne's career for which she does not share writing credits. "Take Me Away" shares a title with a track on Under My Skin.

Demo versions of all the Let Go tracks, with the exception of "Anything But Ordinary" and "Nobody's Fool", have leaked online.

Other Outtake tracks[edit]


Chart Certification Sales
United States 6x Platinum 6,700,000
United Kingdom 5x Platinum 1,500,000
Canada Diamond 1,000,000
France 2x Platinum 450,000+
Germany 3x Gold 300,000
Australia 7x Platinum 490,000+
Brazil 2x Platinum 300,000+
Spain 3x Gold 150,000+
Belgium 5x Platinum 100,000+
Mexico Gold 80,000+
Netherlands Platinum 80,000+
Switzerland 2x Platinum 80,000+
New Zealand 4x Platinum 60,000+
Sweden Platinum 60,000+
Argentina 3x Platinum 120,000+
Austria Platinum 40,000+
Norway Platinum 40,000+
Russia Platinum 20,000+

Note: for all the certification definitions see: Certifications

Chart positions[edit]

Year Chart Position
2002 Australian ARIA Albums Chart 1

Try to Shut Me Up Tour[edit]

Try to Shut Me Up Tour
Tour by Avril Lavigne
Start date January 23, 2003
End date June 4, 2003
No. of shows 57
Avril Lavigne concert chronology
  • Promotional Tour 2002
  • Try To Shut Me Up Tour
  • Mall Tour

The Try to Shut Me Up Tour was the first Avril Lavigne World Tour, which took place in 2003.

In this tour she sung the songs of her first album Let Go, and her never-released songs and different covers, like "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan or "Basket Case" by the band Green Day. She made a DVD of the tour called My World.

Opening acts[edit]

  1. Our Lady Peace
  2. Gob
  3. Swollen Members
  4. Simple Plan


  1. "Sk8er Boi"
  2. "Nobody's Fool"
  3. "Mobile"
  4. "Anything But Ordinary"
  5. "Losing Grip"
  6. "Naked"
  7. "Too Much to Ask"
  8. "I Don't Give"
  9. "Basket Case"
  10. "My World"
  11. "I'm With You"
  12. "Complicated"
  13. "Unwanted"
  14. "Tomorrow"
  15. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
  16. "Things I'll Never Say"


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