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About me[edit]

I have been involved with Wikipedia since 2005, registered on 18 January 2006 and have been editing since 1 March 2006. The community decided to grant me access to the administrator tools on 1 November 2009. If I make any errors using the tools please let me know in the first instance, as a final resort I am listed as an administrator open to recall and will abide by the default process listed there.

Wikipedia things[edit]

You can view images I have uploaded to Commons here and Wikipedia here


Future tasks[edit]

Redlinks at List of Great British Trees, Tree of the Year (United Kingdom), European Tree of the Year, Great Trees of London

Potential future FAs: Richard Mohun, Angus Paton, Winter of 1946–47 in the United Kingdom, John Thomas North, Abir Congo Company, Route Trident (need to update), Inland Customs Line (need to broaden sources), Luis Daoíz y Torres, Francis Gleeson (priest), Battle of Burton Bridge (1322) (expand), Battle of Burton Bridge (1643) (expand), Battle of El Herri (expand), Grand Quartier Général (1914–1919) (provide more context), Gaston Cros (expand), Robert Clark (businessman) (broaden sources); Governor's Body Guard of Light Horse; Seventh German Inner Africa Research Expedition

Potential future GAs: Grand Quartier Général (1939–1940), William Glanville, Alfred Pippard (expand), Arthur Hartley (expand), Robert Wynne-Edwards, Jonathan Davidson (check for new sources), Charles Douglas Fox (expand), Basil Cave (expand), Battle of Rossignol, Natal Border Guard, Royal Commission on the Inns of Court, Army Printing and Stationery Service, Yarmouth suspension bridge, Cavalry Staff Corps, Land mines in the Falkland Islands, British ambulances in the Franco-Prussian War, Franco-Irish Ambulance Brigade, Joe Bertony (expand), Sheila Heaney (expand), Natal Native Pioneer Corps, Joseph Anthony Dwyer, Corps of Royal Artillery Drivers, Schools Action Union, Christ Mocked, Retentions in the British construction industry, Walter Bersey, Bersey electric cab, Ivan Borkovský, Prague Castle skeleton, Whittington Tump, Temporary gentlemen, County Fermanagh War Memorial, Declaration of martial law in Russell County, Alabama, Treaty of Troyes (1814), Marie-Louise (conscript), Action at Sihayo's Kraal, Samuel Bacon, Helmut Machemer; Howard Bane; Revels (Inns of Court); Sir Hereward Wake, 13th Baronet; George Brian Sinclair; 1989–90 British ambulance strike; 1942 Betteshanger miners' strike (look for more sources); MS Europic Ferry; Danum shield

Potential future B-class MILHIST articles: HHS Glasgow (check for new sources), HMS Thrush (1889) (check for new sources), Operation Boris (check for new sources), Operation Finery (check for new sources), Plan Giralda (check for new sources), Henry Cronin (check for new sources), Baciro Dabó (update), Maurice Le Glay, René de Segonzac, Garland trench mortar, December 2013 Kinshasa attacks (update), William Henry White

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