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Duncan Hull
Duncan Hull (3958134413).jpg
A picture of Duncan Hull by @psd

Hello, my name is Duncan Hull, I live and work in Manchester.[1][2] Most of my contributions to Wikipedia are short biographies of living scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians,[3][4] which would otherwise be either woefully incomplete[5][6][7] or non-existent.[6][8] A particular focus has been articles about Fellows of the Royal Society,[9][10] which I've tried to improve while observing the fundamental wiki-principles,[11][12][13] especially:

A talk presented with John Byrne at the Wikipedia Science Conference (#wikisci) in London in 2015[9] about the Wikipedian in residence scheme at the Royal Society.

If you have any constructive feedback or questions on articles & data I have created or edited, please post it on my talk page.


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