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I am mainly contributing on aspects of socialism. I have edited since October 2003. I've found it an invaluable experience: it's taught me that history isn't written by the winners, but by the survivors. After 20 years as an activist in socialist and trade union organisations, I've found out that much of the common sense and myth history on the left is incorrect, and much is untrue.

I've made over 5,000 edits to over 850 articles, but I'm especially proud of pages like Michel Raptis, Max Shachtman and Fourth International, which became a featured article. There I've been able to help others in clearing away distortions and untruths, and in that way to help people to better understand the already complex realities.

I am occupied full-time, and cut my watchlist by a third in 2007. I go through peaks and lows of work here;. Feel free to get in touch with me either on User talk:DuncanBCS or by wiki e-mail.

Some of the pages I have contributed to are listed below.


  1. Alan Thornett
  2. Bala Tampoe
  3. Bert Cochran
  4. Chen Duxiu
  5. Edmund Samarakkody
  6. Ernest Mandel
  7. Ernie Tate
  8. Fred Feldman
  9. J. Posadas
  10. Jack Barnes
  11. James P. Cannon
  12. Jock Haston
  13. John GM Lawrence
  14. John Lawrence
  15. John Lawrence (political activist)
  16. Joseph Carter
  17. Larry Trainor
  18. Leon Trotsky
  19. Lindsey German
  20. Livio Maitan
  21. Luis Favre
  22. Marcel Bleibtreu
  23. Max Shachtman
  24. Michel Pablo
  25. Nahuel Moreno
  26. Paul Sweezy
  27. Pierre Frank
  28. Pierre Lambert
  29. Pieter Keuneman
  30. Sean Matgamna
  31. Tariq Ali
  32. Tim Wohlforth
  33. Tony Cliff
  34. Ture Nerman
  35. Zeth Höglund

Socialist organisations[edit]

  1. Alliance for Workers' Liberty
  2. American Socialist Union
  3. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  4. Fifth International
  5. Fourth International
  6. Fourth Internationalist Tendency
  7. Gauche socialiste
  8. International Committee of the Fourth International
  9. International Communist League
  10. International Institute for Research and Education
  11. International Marxist Group
  12. International Revolutionary Marxist Centre
  13. International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency
  14. International Secretariat of the Fourth International
  15. International Socialist Group
  16. International Socialist Movement
  17. International Trotskyist Fraction
  18. Internationalist Communist Party
  19. Lanka Sama Samaja Party
  20. Lanka Sama Samaja Party (Revolutionary)
  21. Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International
  22. List of Trotskyist internationals
  23. List of left-wing internationals
  24. Militant Tendency
  25. Movement (Trotskyist)
  26. Nava Sama Samaja Party
  27. New Socialist Group
  28. Organising Committee for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International
  29. Parti Communiste Internationaliste
  30. Pathfinder tendency
  31. Proletarian Orientation Tendency
  32. Revolutionary Communist League (France)
  33. Revolutionary Communist Party (1944-1949)
  34. Revolutionary Communist Party (UK, 1944)
  35. Revolutionary Socialist League (UK)
  36. Scottish Militant Labour
  37. Scottish Socialist Party
  38. Socialist Action (UK)
  39. Socialist Action (US)
  40. Socialist Challenge (Canada)
  41. Socialist Outlook
  42. Socialist Workers' Party (Algeria)
  43. Socialist Workers Organization (US)
  44. Socialist Workers Organization (United States)
  45. Socialist Workers Party (Britain)
  46. Socialist Workers Party (UK)
  47. Socialist Workers Party (United States)
  48. United Secretariat of the Fourth International
  49. Workers' Revolutionary Party
  50. Workers' Struggle
  51. Workers League (UK)
  52. Workers Party (US)
  53. Workers Party of the United States
  54. Workers Power

Socialist theory[edit]

  1. Deformed workers' state
  2. Degenerated workers' state
  3. Democratic centralism
  4. Bureaucratic collectivism
  5. Entryism
  6. French Turn
  7. Leninism
  8. Marxism-Leninism
  9. Permanent Revolution
  10. Shachtmanism
  11. State capitalism
  12. State socialism
  13. Third camp
  14. Transitional Program
  15. Trotskyism

Socialist History[edit]

  1. Hartal 1953
  2. History of socialism

Socialist perodicals[edit]

  1. Inprecor
  2. International Viewpoint
  3. Labour Briefing
  4. The Black Dwarf (Ali)