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Duncan was born and raised in Whitney Pier on the Island Of Cape Breton. His first musical experience was at the tender age of 8 years old, singing in a local song competition. When he was 12 yers old, he got his first guitar and played regular Fridy evening sock hops in a band called, Kevin & The Dinkys. Since those early days, his entire life has been one of music and song, songwriting, comedy writing, playscripts, theatre productions, rock bands, country bands, folk bands internet bands, and a children's band he has been fronting for close to 30 years.


Duncan's songs have been recorded and performed live a part of the highly successful Cape Breton Summertime Revue. His songs have been performed by Rita MacNeil, Cookie Rankin, Patricia Conroy as well as a variety of other canadian artists. Duncan's songs have been performed by children's choirs across Canada, the United States and even as far away as Hong Kong. His songs have been used in classroom by elementary school teachers everywhere. Along with being an East Coast Music Award winner, Duncan has released four collections of original children's music.

A Life In The Theatre[edit]

During the 1970's Duncan had written a few playscripts inspired mostly from his experiences of sailing the Great Lakes and his childhood growing up in Whitney Pier. It wasn't until 1983 that he staged his first production at what was then the University College Of Cape Breton Playhouse. The years that followed would see a number of Wells written scripts produced for the stage, including the award winning Willie & The Lapdog and Tell Harold If You See Him.

Over the years Duncan wrote and performed in a variety of original theatre productions. His play, The Girl Who Lives Under My Bed, was translated into Hindi and performed through out India, in and around the Bombay area.

Some Of Duncan's Playscripts[edit]

  • Junkers
  • The Mister Farmer Show
  • In The Land Of Grey & Pink
  • Missus Moon's Marvellous Monster Camp For Kids
  • Finelines
  • Brownbird
  • Willie & The Lap Dog
  • Tell Harold If You See Him
  • From The Outports
  • Captain Bob & His Hooters From Hell
  • The Invisible Morrison Jeffrey
  • The Girl Who Lives Under My Bed
  • Cape Breton Island's 4 Men In A Tub


  • Ladder TO The Sky
  • TLC
  • The Love & Safety Club
  • Sally The Magnificent Cow
  • Dunkle Unkin's Farm

Duncan's Website[edit]