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To Do[edit]

  • 1) Research how the relative importance of Pernambuco in Brazil, migration from Pernambuco to São Paulo/Minas Gerais were affected by:
  • (a) coffee plantations,
  • (b) gold rush (Minas Gerais)
Note:it's Perhaps then it would be proper to comment on how it was exactly as ownership of the spice route to India was lost to the English that the Portuguese got interested in colonizing Brazil
  • 2) a bit of research into the "first contact" with the indians and jesuit missions in Pernambuco
  • Include mention of "argumentum in utramque partem" (defending both sides of an argument) somewhere in wikipedia. Maybe in "rhetoric", "Cicero" or Cicero's works, Or in some Pedagogy article - perhaps classical pedagogy or tudor pedagogy.


  • Is there a disconnect between the prestige associated to success, and the lack of prestige associated to the means employed to reach success?
  • How many wikipedians burn out?


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