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I'm still lurking....

Hey everybody,

It's been awhile since I've been here. I do come on here to look at things, but I won't do much editing. Unfortunately, I am just no longer interested or focused on this aspect of the internet. In addition, I've been dealing with things in my personal life and pursuing my career which as a result pulls me away from here. When I look back at some of my older edits that I made years ago, I realize how much of a immature editor I was at times - but then again I believe I was about like 12-14 years old editing Wikipedia (which is a bit out of the ordinary). Of course I was not the only minor on here editing, but I think I had been too much focused on Wikipedia than the average minor would be. Had my middle school friends known what I did in my spare time when I was younger, I'd probably be criticized or be called lame or whatever because I didn't share some of the same hobbies as them. Editing Wikipedia was something I kept to myself, my parents didn't even know. My hobbies are more intellectual: I love reading, writing and communication more than anything else. Today as an adult, I am able to see that there is so much more to Wikipedia than just working to get user rights and now that I am more mature, I have no problem admitting that gaining user privileges was one of my main intentions for editing Wikipedia when I was younger. While I edited Wikipedia for fun as well, me thinking as an immature minor I felt like "user rights" were some sort of power over others or some type of promotion on a job and that's ENTIRELY not the case. Sounds crazy, but I'm glad I've gotten over that power-hungry phase.

Wikipedia has become such a great place over the years and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow whether I am an active editor or not. As I stated before, I still lurk on here from time-to-time so I'm not necessarily saying 'Goodbye', but just know that this is not one of the places on the internet where I'll necessarily exert most of my energy onto any longer. From the looks of it, the project has been kept up pretty well since I became inactive and I'm proud of that.

I will still logon to make minor edits if time permits, but I definitely need to focus on my responsibilities as an adult before I do anything else. Maybe once I've settled down in real-life and have more time on my hands, I would be more than willing to contribute more often than I used to.

But for now, Take care!

- Dwayne wuz here! ♎️ 20:21, 7 July 2016 (UTC)

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