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Dylan Jacob is my pseudonym or alter ego. In real life, I reside in Toronto, Canada, or more specifically, in Markham. I'm a student and when I'm not studying, I have time to edit Wikipedia or think of new business ideas as an entrepreneur. I've been editing for a few years as an anonymous user across various IP addresses. I finally decided to register an account because there have been several times when a message would notify me of what someone else had done.

I am particularly interested in improving Wikipedia for the better, such as reverting vandalism, contributing to reform discussions, and enhancing the content of articles (assisting at In The News, copyediting, and correcting syntax errors). Although I have specified my interest in law, Canadian history and aviation in the userboxes to the right, I don't really have the gift of content creation / writing new articles. I might once in a while make a new article as a refresher (that is, if the article hasn't already been created).