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Name Dylanfromthenorth
Born Lancashire
Name in real life Dylan
Country  United Kingdom
Current location Cardiff
Time zone GMT
Education and employment
High school St. Wilfrid's School, Blackburn
University Cardiff University
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Twitter build_a_fire
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About me


I'm Dylan. I've been on Wikipedia on and off for years; I'll go through phases where I never edit anything, followed by phases where I don't do anything else. To give it a name, this makes me a WIKIOGRE.

I don't write much brand new content; it takes me ages to write long edits, and I get bored, so hats-off to those of you who put the major work in. I spend a lot of time around AFD and NEW PAGE PATROL, and making sure the changes on my watchlist are all hunky-dory. Sometimes I'll just hit SPECIAL:RANDOMPAGE and see if what comes up has problems that need fixing; especially referencing, I spend a lot of my Wikitime putting references on things.

I have literally no time for drama on Wikipedia; it's pointless. Changes happen through consensus, and consensus doesn't come about by bickering and name-calling. Collaboration got the encyclopaedia this far, it's probably the best way to carry on.

I'm neither a deletionist nor an inclusionist; there are notability guidelines for every kind of article, so that's how I approach AfD discussions. If it meets the guidelines it's in; I'm not too fussy about conflicts of interest or even about advocacy; if something's notable and the article is neutrally written, it's coolio with me.

If I do anything wrong, leave a message on my talkpage, but please be nice :)