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I prefer anonymity and random edits of pages I find interesting yet lacking in some small regard.


The IPAc-en template is great for those non-linguists among us who do not have the IPA alphabet memorized. It should be used wherever possible!


It's a shame that diacritical marks like ö, è, é are harder to reach on a keyboard.

Digraphs to graphemes[edit]

I þink þorn (Þ þ) should be brought back to represent the voiceless dental fricative /θ/ ("thick," "thin" → "þick," "þin"), and (Ð ð) for the voiced dental fricative /ð/ ("this," "father" → "ðis," "faðer"). Insular g, Ᵹ ᵹ, might be worþ using to distinguish between hard (/ɡ/) and soft (//) variants of the phoneme. All right, maybe not. I'm not completely crazy, ðough, so you won't find me advocating for a return of wynn (Ƿ ƿ) for /w/, or suggesting the ȝse of ȝogh (Ȝ ȝ) for /j/.


Ligatures like æ and œ are okay with me, too.

Something I want to keep handy[edit]

Chen Rong's handscroll from ca. 1244, Nine Dragons, ink and some red on paper. The entire scroll is 46.3 by 1,096.4 centimetres (1.52 ft × 35.97 ft)! Located in the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Mass.

Full handscroll Nine Dragons


Someday I'll get around to working on this timeline of American cruiser classes: User:Dziban303/Timeline of cruisers of the United States Navy

I did a lot of maintenance on the GOES satellite articles.

I largely rewrote the article on MPAR, and I want to write an article on its successor radar, ATD. I uploaded some images of the installation of ATD:

See also:

My Contributions[edit]



Timeline of USAF fighter jets
Timeline of USN fighter jets

Navy Stuff[edit]