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If you post something for me here, I'll respond to it here. Likewise, if I leave a message on your talk page, I'll watch it for your response. It just makes for easier reading. Thanks.

Thanks to User:Kbdank71 for this noticebox.

Report a mistake on the talk page

Before becoming angry at me for reverting your legit edit, please realize that Recent-Page Patrollers occasionally make mistakes, as Wikipedia is often vandalized, and sometimes we miswarn a user. If you believe I have reverted your edit in error, please calmly leave me a message below, and I will look into your edit. Thank you for your patience.

Borrowed from User:Patstuart; thank you.

Please Read: As I do a lot of Counter-Vandalism editing, I am aware that I will be targeted by vandals and their various sock/meat puppets. Such persons should note that I have a zero tolerance policy for personal attacks or harassment posted here (or anywhere, for that matter). Such posts will be removed and reported to the appropriate authority. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please do try and have a truly Wikilicious day.