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Listed below are the articles I have created or significantly contributed to on the English Wikipedia.

Created articles[edit]

I have created the following articles on Wikipedia:

Article Date of Creation Quality Notes
807th Medical Command (Deployment Support) 15 April 2010 Start Army Reserve medical command with C2 over 11,000 soldiers.
Army Reserve Medical Command 19 April 2010 Start Army Reserve medical command with C2 for all TDA soldiers.
Office of the Chief, Army Reserve 19 April 2010 Stub Army Reserve Headquarters Command
Army Nurse Corps (United States) 23 April 2010 C AMEDD branch specific page
United States Army Reserve Command 30 May 2010 Start USAR Operational Command
3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support) 30 May 2010 Start United States Army Reserve Command Medical Command

Major expansions/contributions[edit]

I have significantly expanded or contributed to the following articles:

Article Pre-edit quality Post-edit quality Notes
143rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Redirect Start Army Reserve transportation command,removed redirect to USAR, added template
Army nursing (disambiguation) NA Disambig Disambiguation page for Army nursing

Performed copy edits[edit]

I have performed copy edits on the following articles:

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Article Pre-edit quality Post-edit quality Pre-Char Count Notes
Weapons Start Start Performed significant word-smithing and clarified language.
Denji Sentai Megaranger NA 2365 Mind numbing, especially when the subject is so artificial.
Victorian Aborigines Start 2138 Fascinating, a lot of native words.
Geography of the BattleTech universe NA 6794 Once again, truly painful to edit.
KING-TV NA 2143 Well intended, poorly written article. Shows signs of add on over the years.
Countdown: Arena C 1709 Not sure why I edit these sites, they must mean something to someone.
Students' resistance movement at Preparatoria 5 and 6 of Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, 2005 NA 496 Difficult due to the Spanish influence in the sentence structures.
Starchild skull Start 550 People are gullible.
Knowledge Grid Start 609 Highly technical piece, kind of fun.
Alabama Cooperative Extension System B 5482 Interesting history
List of prehistoric sea cucumbers List List 91 A little bit of nothing, but could end up as an important tool someday.
List of crinoid genera List List 85 A little bit of nothing, but could end up as an important tool someday.
List of prehistoric brittle stars List List 91 A little bit of nothing, but could end up as an important tool someday.
List of prehistoric ostracods List List 77 A little bit of nothing, but could end up as an important tool someday.
Arnold Walker Stub 201 Not who I thought...
Kurds in Sweden Stub 118 Difficult sentence structures, fixed.
Gulfton, Houston GA 7377 Lessons here 1) careful with the NPOV tag 2) if someone requests a review...they have a lot of ownership, tread carefully
Tourism in Canada Start 1618 Need to book my trip now.
Virdi (Ramgarhia) NA 236 Corrected "poor English" tag
LM.C Stub 506 Capitalization mostly
S.E.N.S. Stub 105 Capitalization mostly
Ai Stub 103 Capitalization mostly
Seamo Stub 202 Capitalization mostly
CM Yoko NA Stub 38 Capitalization mostly
Kirinji (band) Start 47 Capitalization mostly
Stephen Ambrose GA 1477 Contentious article, did my best
Siege of Lal Masjid GA 5636 Interesting and very long
Bancopoli NA 2136 Italian translation, similar to Spanish in structure
Hoquiam, Washington NA 838 Interesting town.
Chicago Symphony Chorus NA 568 Interesting
Frontier Airlines (1950–1986) C 636 interesting airline history
List of Case Closed episodes (season 1) B 5607 tedious list, and Japanese original, so there was a bit of structure issues
Years of lead (Italy) NA 2535 bad times in Italy
Delta Zeta C 850 never thought I would edit a sorority article
Punch (drink) C 841 ok, didn't know there was that much to such an inane subject
Li Chendian NA Start 408 cool part about digging up the dead emperor, still not sure why he is not a traitor?
Fritz the Cat GA 1845 sex and an animated cat? Ok.
Timeline of Tanzanian history List List 398 nice article
CP/CMS NA 1552 very technical, geek stuff
Severe weather C B 7484 took over 12 hours, moved a lot of information out of the article, linked to mains, several sections had third grade English. Rewarding
Container format (digital) NA 532 technical, kind of interesting about the different types of digital information wrappers.
Free Cinema Stub 695 free spirited not, no money free
Bagão Félix Stub 354 started out as just a list, by a fan, took a bit of reorganizing but looks OK
Retribution operations NA Start 1016 That is a method
Mihai Trăistariu Stub 1885 Political pieces are tough
Spanish Navy Start 2516 Spanish sentence structures, but not bad
Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament NA 4845 Wonderful prose in some of the article, mostly just reminiscing of a better time, made me want to join.
Friuli Start 2630 interesting area in NE Italy
Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement NA 456 three languages, Chinese, Japanese and English
Joseph Merrick B 5794 Interesting case
Catholicos Start 1,333 Interesting to note the divergence of religion within the middle central east.
Edwin Bush NA 110 note
Long Range Surveillance Start 804 Required some reorganization and structure changes.
Arashi no Yoru Ni Start 888 Interesting how a simple story can become viral.
Islamic relics Stub 847 I would like to see more about the individual items, especially the swords.
Andrew Champion Start 600 Living person articles are always, different.
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