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Age 64, retired mechanical engineer. Interests & Hobbies: history of science & mathematics; architecture & construction; painted artworks; fishing; simple cooking; some genealogical work; contributing to wikipedia & wikiquotes. Web Site: The dead links within have not been pruned for for some years due to extenuating circumstances. However, new links are continually added.

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Wikipedia Articles to be initiated[edit]

Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Taylor, Henry Osborn

Georg Kaspar Kirchmaier in relation to A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom

Wikipedia Articles initiated[edit]

Art therapy

Dual brain theory

Farb, Peter

Gallegos, José Guadalupe (1828-1867)

Geological unit

Gow, James (scholar)

London Encyclopaedia (1829) was previously a "REDIRECT" to Thomas Tegg. Used Tegg's "The Publisher's Address" quotes & "Anatomy" Plate VI and "Steam Engine" (Savory's) Plate I with Ext links to volumes online.

Mirbt, Carl (1860-1929)

Montezuma Copper Mining Company Of Santa Fé, New Mexico

New Mexican Railway Company

New Mexico Wool Manufacturing Company

Paideia Proposal

Perfecto Armijo

San Miguel del Vado Land Grant

Space-based solar power

Spiegelberg Brothers

Surface water

ThoughtAudio a small latino American operated audio book company offering globally accessible free English language classics and children's literature in the public domain

Voigt, Henry (1738-1814) initially entered article as "Henry Voight" as spelled in several books, then after finding instruments inscribed with his name as Voigt, initated the article "Henry Voigt" and transferred all previous entries to it; then redirected "Henry Voight" to Henry Voigt

Timeline of electromagnetic theory This article (originally entered as "Timeline of electromagnetism") was copied from my previous (2 December 2006) "Timeline of Electricity" entry under the article History of Electricity that was deleted by an unappreciative reader.


Young, John Radford

Wikipedia Articles contributed to[edit]

Acosta, José de added "Commentary on Acosta" section with White's commentary & redirected new "Joseph de Acosta" article to this one. Added info from intro to Acosta's Natural and Moral History of the Indies. Added subsections Panama, Peru, Mexico, & Return to Spain.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Archytas in the Life and work section stating Archytas' belief that only arithmetic can serve as a basis of proof, citing Morris Kline.

Aristotle introduced section on "Geology"

Astronomia nova added several quotes from Bryant's book Kepler into section "Kepler's Knowledge of Gravity" & deleted "limited range" of Kepler's gravitational concept from previous entry

Atrisco Land Grant contributed the majority of this previously two-line article


Beam (structure) added "External Links" & "See Also" sections

Baton (symbol) appended section "Historical Commentary" with Mencken quote

Book of the Dead appended link Wikiquote article bottom of page

Bouvier, Jean-Baptiste added section "Commentary on Bouvier" with Westermarck on slavery

Brace, Charles Loring added "Commentary on Brace" section with Kirby Page quote from Jesus or Christianity

Brahe, Tycho added De nova stella nonatmospheric comets & nova (Aug3 & Dec1 2010‎) & section "Introduction to the New Astronomy (1588)" with info from Bryant's Kepler and Dreyer's Tycho Brahe

Briffault, Robert appended "Commentary on Works" section with Mencken quote

Brooklyn Dodgers: Ghosts of Flatbush added substantial additions to this documentary film description

Brownlow, William Gannaway added section "Slavery Debate" with Ought American slavery to be perpetuated? excerpt

Burning glass added portion on Priestley and Lavoisier's oxidation experiments with "lentilles ardentes" image

Cajori, Florian added section Book Publications (Public Domain)

Campaign finance reform

Cardano, Gerolamo added section "De Subtilitate 1552"

Carlisle, Anthony

Cesalpino, Andrea added "Geology section"

Chaves, José Francisco

Cleomedes added "References" & "Optics" sections with qualitative refraction as student of Posidonius + atmospheric refraction.

Connelly, Henry edit in progress-incomplete

Cowan, George

Cremona, Luigi excerpt from George Miller on Cremona's contribution to Italy's standing in geometry and education: Biography section

Cudworth, Ralph added section "Commentary on Cudworth" with Whites description from A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom

De Magnete added section "Chapter III Of the Daily Magnetic Rotation of the Globes"

Desaguliers, John Theophilus James Cawthorn quote under "Decline" section

Descartes, René added his abstract conception of algebra to the Mathematical legacy section

Dew, Thomas Roderick added sections "Life" with The Pro-Slavery Argument & "Commentary on Dew" with Kirby Page excerpt

Dumbleton, John added "References" section & cleaned up multiple ref links with "ref name= /" & {rp|#}

Educational perennialism in particular Secular perennialism

Erdmann, Johann Eduard added sections "Biography" with Bitter's "Erdmann: Appropriation and Criticism" info, "Commentary on Erdmann" with Dewey review & "Selected Works" with public domain book links

Euclidean algorithm clarified introduction using A=(n×k) and B=(m×k) implies A-B=(n-m)×k

Eudoxus of Cnidus contributed to Mathematics section citing Morris Kline's view of the Greek change of focus from arithmetic to geometry resulting from incommensurables, plus examples of method of exhustion applications.

Fowler, Thomas (academic) added "Selected Works" section with 7 books linked to public domain GoogleBooks

Falloppio, Gabriele argument against Fracastoro's theory

Fracastoro, Girolamo introduced section on Geology

Galilei, Galileo added "Timeline section"

Gilbert, William added info related to diurnal rotation/Copernicanism (Book 6, Ch.3) and to De Mundo Nostro Sublunari Philosophia Nova under Life and work section & added "Commentary on Gilbert" section with quotes from Francis Bacon, William Whewell, Henry Hallam & Walter William Bryant.

Gilgamesh (9 September 2012)‎ appended section "Modern references" ref H. L. Mencken's Treatise on the Gods/was undone by Deor

Goethean science & von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang quotes relevant to history of evolutionary thought from Goethe's Story of My Botanical Studies & White's Hist. Warfare of Science with Theology

Gospel of Matthew appended link to Wikiquote article bottom of page

Green, Mark J.

Green, Duff described connections with Crédit Mobilier of America and New Mexican Railway Company

Gregory, James added "Mathematics" section, blockquoting from Pantologia

Gregory of Nyssa added section "Commentary on Gregory" with quote from Osborn's From the Greeks to Darwin

Grotius, Hugo added section "Commentary on Grotius" with Andrew Dickson White commentary

Guiot de Provins added section "Commentary on Guiot" with excerpt from Taylor's Mediaeval Mind

Hammond, James Henry added sections "Slavery": The Pro-Slavery Argument & "Commentary on Hammond":Kirby Page excerpt

Harper, William (South Carolina) added section "Commentary on Harper" with 2 Kirby Page excerpts

The Hedgehog, the Fox, and the Magister's Pox by Stephen Jay Gould (added the section - Four Historic Stages)

Hertzberg, Hendrik

History of electricity added "Timeline", "See also", & "External Links" sections

History of entropy clarified intro and Classical thermodynamic views section

History of evolutionary thought under section "Augustine of Hippo" added description from White's Hist Science/Theology & under "External links" added Osborn's From the Greeks to Darwin

Hobson, John A. added section "Commentary on Hobson" quoting Tawney's "The Acquisitive Society" and linked numerous public domain Hobson works @GoogleBooks

Hooke, Robert added quote from Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology under section on Palaeontology.

Houston, Edwin J. uploaded image of Houston to WikiCommons and added photo to article, plus additional information from 1911 article in Electrical Review and Western Electrician subcategorized Works section for clearer presentation

Imperato, Ferrante added section "Commentary on Imperato" with quote from Principles of Geology by Charles Lyell

Intelligence Disambiguation

Interstitial condensation cleaned up article and introduced vapor barrier & structural damping

Inverse-square law added John Dumbleton info to "History" section followed by Johannes Kepler.

Kepler, Johannes, section Astronomiae Pars Optica: added projective geometry information, citing Morris Kline.

Linnaeus, Carl added section "Commentary on Linnaeus" with White's quote

Levi-Civita, Tullio

Lister, Martin excerpt from Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology

Luchaire, Denis Jean Achille added "Commentary on Luchaire" with Kirby Page excerpt

Marci, Jan Marek Newton foreshadowing in color/refraction from Westfall & Boyer under "Work" section

Maspero, Gaston listed Maspero's public domain e-books @GoogleBooks

Mattioli, Pietro Andrea argument against Fracastoro's theory of fossils

Metal extensive additions to "History" section with ancient through medieval information from Stillman's The Story of Early Chemistry and quoted definition of metal from Agricola's De Natura Fossilium

Mithra appended blurb on Mithraic Mysteries to "Intro"

Moore, George Foot added "Works" section & additional edits/citations; removed citation alarm post

Nicholas of Cusa added section "Science and Mathematics" with quote from 1905 Fitz-Patrick Lecture by Sir Norman Moore, 1st Baronet, M.D.

Nicholls, George (commissioner) added "Works" section with his & others: History of the English Poor Law

Occam's razor added Aristotle and Robert Grosseteste quotes to "Formulations before Ockham" section

Olive under "History" section added quote from Vitruvius' De Architectura

The Origin and Development of Moral Ideas by Edvard Westermarck: added section "Westermarck's Description" with his description from the Intro & Preface to Vol.1 with linked reference.

Perea, Francisco

Pino, Nicolas ~4,800

Pitt, William the Younger added section "Commentary on Pitt" with excerpt from Nicholls-Mackay & Kirby Page

Ptolemy earliest air to water table of refraction from Boyer under "Optics" section

Pyke, Magnus added "The Science Myth" section


Santa Fe Trail extensive additions to section "The importance of Santa Fe" from books by Marc Simmons, Ray John de Aragon and George Wilkins Kendall

Sayce, Archibald appended "Commentary on Works" section with ref Mencken's Treatise on the Gods

Scheele, Carl Wilhelm added sections "Biography" & "Published Papers" with info from American Druggist Vol.15, August, 1886

Seligman, Joseph conributed to section "J. & W. Seligman & Co. and railroads"

Sluse, René François Walter de info from G. Donald Allen & blockquote Augustus De Morgan, ref: Leibniz–Newton calculus controversy

Smith's Prize

Strabo added "Geology" section

Strato of Lampsacus added "Geology" section

Theodore the Studite added 1st recorded stand against slavery to Intro & added "Commentary on Theodore" section with additional slavery info & Links

Thompson, James Westfall added sections "Life" & "Commentary on Thompson" with 2 Kirby Page excerpts

Thornwell, James Henley split Intro into section "Life" and cited The Rights and the Duties of Masters in "Slavery" section

Tiguex War major contribution & ref's for previous one-sentence article

Turgot, Anne-Robert-Jacques added section "Commentary on Turgot" with White's description from History of Warfare of Science/Theology

Venturi, Giovanni Battista added bigraphical information and Venturi's publications with references from Kent, Frazier, Cajori, Dauben & Scriba.

Water cycle

White lead added "History" section with Stillman & Holley quotes from Theophrastus. Also added "Paints" section and moved paint pigment information to it.

Wikipedia Articles: minor contributions[edit]

Adler, Mortimer


Calhoun, James S.

Complex systems

Fitch, John (1743-1798) added links to Henry Voight and speeds obtained

History of molecular theory included alternative ancients' views to elements fire, air, water, air

History of music several external links added

History of New Mexico minor edits/links to "Mexican American War" section

Porter, David R. New Mexican Railway Company associate

Supraventricular tachycardia: Physical maneuvers - added pressing down gently on closed eyes, reducing coffee, alcohol & tobacco, and increasing rest, citing American Heart Asociation article, Tachycardia | Fast Heart Rate

Topology (See also & External links)

Wiktionary articles contributed to[edit]