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About me[edit]

This page is mostly just some notes for my own use. Many of my Wikipedia contributions are light copy editing. But I'm getting bolder about adding substantive content, and article creation and merging. Perhaps I'm a WikiGnome.

Subpages: Earthly's sandbox, Ben Weaver. See also Userspace:subpages.

Hong Kong Ball.png This user is a member of WikiProject Hong Kong.

Personal notes[edit]

Check out Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors

Use Wikiquette alerts to ask for help with troublesome editors.

rework page with <nowiki> </nowiki>, to replace:
(to use, remove space in eg. '} }' )
<br> for linebreak (no vertical gap after para)
initial space creates this box. What for?

Maybe put dates in [[1984-03-26]] format, to show in user's preferred format (1984-03-26, in my case) - but it generates linked dates, which is cluttered. Consider.

References, citations, formatting etc[edit]

Main stuff: Laying out a basic page, Citing sources

See Wikipedia:Citation_templates and remember to a) delete unused data items, and b) to close up data items into a continuous line

{{cite news 
  | last = 
  | first = 
  | coauthors = 
  | title = 
  | newspaper = 
  | location =
  | pages = 
  | language = 
  | publisher = 
  | date = 
  | url = 
  | accessdate = }}

Reference list - small font (and close '<' marks)
<div class='references-small'

MOS on dashes

Redirect: #redirect [[TARGET] ]. See also Template:Redirects

Add {{R from other capitalisation}} to most (all?) redirects, to avoid inclusion in printed versions (at end of 'redirect' line)
  • Not to be confused with The Tube (2003 TV series). {{distinguish|The Tube (2003 TV series)}}
  • For the hill Tsz Wan Shan see Temple Hill. {{for|the hill Tsz Wan Shan|Temple Hill}}
  • This page is about an album by The Eagles. For its title track, see Hotel California (song). For the film, see Hotel Cal (film).
    {{about|an album by The Eagles|its title track|Hotel Cal (song)|the film|Hotel Cal (film)}}:

<!-- This is an invisible comment. -->

<blockquote> Here is the quote. </blockquote>

Here is the quote.

Citation in reference[1]:

<ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.URLURL.html |title=ITEM TITLE |accessdate=2008-08-20 |publisher=SCMP |date=14/2/2002}}</ref>

See Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style#Formatting


Repeated use of same reference
Oddie was brought up by his father.[2] Oddie has no memory of his mother, Lilian.[2] As a child she worked in a cotton mill.[2]

<ref name=CNNitem>{{cite news |url=http://blah |title = This is the title |publisher=[[CNN]] |date=2008-10-27 |accessdate=2008-10-28}}</ref>
<ref name=BBCitem>{{cite news |url=http://bla2 |title = Another title |publisher=[[BBC]] |date=2008-10-24 |accessdate=2008-10-28}}</ref>
<ref name=CNNitem/>

For separate page references within the same work, see Treacher–Collins syndrome or poss Seasick Steve.[3]:577

Tabular/column structure, see examples at English plural and Contemporary_art#History

Units display according to user settings: {{convert|39|m}} or {{convert|1862|km2|sqmi|-1|}}

It is 39 metres (128 ft) high. Note to self: why is this rounding to nearest 10'?
The area is 1,862 square kilometres (720 sq mi). (rounded to nearest 10 - '-1')(unlinked) Omit commas.
Remove final 'lk=on', if present. (it links pointlessly to the entry on the unit), eg. {{convert|1200|km2|sqmi|-1|lk=on}}


  1. Numbered list item

#REDIRECT [[Insert non-formatted text here]] ]]=== Content issues ===

Wikipedia guidelines: Community Portal and Editor's index to Wikipedia

Requires copy editing {{Copyedit|date=January 2010}}

Citation needed[citation needed] {{Fact|date=February 2xxx}} See {{Fact}} template

{{Unreferenced|date=May 2010}} (See also {{Unreferenced}} template):

Also remove this template from articles that do have references.
section lacks references {{Unreferenced|section}}:

lacks inline citations (even tho has references/links) {{nofootnotes|date=October 2xxx}}:

For articles with merely inadequate sources, use {{Refimprove|date=May 2010}}: or {{Primarysources|date=May 2010}}:

US-biased or similar {{worldview}}

(see {{worldview}} template)

insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject {{Context|date=May 2010}}

Don't touch page while I'm working on it! {{Inuse}}

Multiple issues

{{Multiple issues |
   {{unreferenced |date=January 2xxx}}
   {{expert |date=January 2xxx}}
   {{orphan |date=January 2xxx}}
   {{globalize |date=March 2xxx}}

Who said this? [who?]: {{Who|date=January 2xxx}}

{{dubious}} [dubious ]

Neutrality / point of view: Template:NPOV-section

{{Advert|date=December 2xxx}}:

{{Advert|2=a promotion piece|date=February 2010}} ie. MJST changed message content


Stubs, eg {{HongKong-stub}} - see Wikipedia:WikiProject_Stub_sorting/Stub_types

Add stub templates to short articles that obviously need them; a good list can be found at WP:WSS.
Add categories to pages that need them, particularly uncategorised articles, and biographies of living people lacking Cat:Living people. Add WikiProject templates to Talk pages where relevant.

Page-level editing[edit]

How to delete a page: Wikipedia:PROD. If discussion is required, beyond a quick exchange (eg. with the page creator), use Wikipedia:Deletion_review.
Use {{subst:'''prod'''|Explain the reason here}}

Not to be confused with Rugby tens.

{{distinguish|Rugby tens}}

Stuff to do[edit]

At Bicycle sharing system article, create new article listing schemes, possibly using sortable table (for example, see List of countries by sex ratio). See Talk page.

Much, much in HK Government departments. Start here, for duties, budgets and headcounts.[1]

Add population figures, et al, to district and HK-wide articles. see Projections of Population Distribution, 2004-2013 [2]. Also, search HK Gov on population, districts.

Add 'Cycling' to Transport_in_Hong_Kong Steer Lady to proper balance of generic and nobility uses.

Find a good PD source at Wikisource and create/develop plenty articles.

Add links at Gold Bauhinia Star et al

Keep an eye on Canadian International School of Hong Kong - I added templates.

uni history, eg [3]

Use British territory, not 'colony', except in historical senses. eg. [[British overseas territories|British territory]]

Check out: English English, British English

Bill Oddie, esp depression. Ref this and this.

List of American words not widely used in the United Kingdom


Mir Hossein Mousavi - write up about his marriage, and make use of this other substantial material, from The New Republic

rename PARKnSHOP to ? ParknShop ? Park'n'Shop. check Economist style etc.

Merge history of Yahoo into Yahoo Talk:History_of_Yahoo!#Merger_proposal

Finalise "Yet Another .." under Yahoo name

Revise 'Grog' etymology, based on Quinion, 15 Mar 08.other refs:,155137,page=1

$ and other currencies No mention of the ghastly 'USD' is found in anywhere in Wikipedia guidelines. Search more for discussion, and set to rights.

Causeway Bay / East Point - need attention Search out and amend 'Hong Kong, China'

Create new pages

Write "Democratic camp in Hong Kong" page.

Create page or category for 'Hong Kong (HK$?) billionaires, or tycoons, or 'movers and shakers' or something, for Lee Ka Shing, Lee Shau Kee, Stanley Ho the Kwok brothers et al. (See eg. Category:Chinese shipping tycoons)

Create 'William Tang' page


Spartaz - active and seemingly deletionist admin. Corrected a blip of mine.

Notes and tools[edit]

Zhonghua minzu is 'the Chinese nation' or nationals. eg. Anson Chan was the first Chinese to be Chief Secretary.

Culturally significant words and phrases from The Simpsons - now only an archive [4]

Intersect Contribs - shows the pages edited by two specified users.

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References (this is just to avoid error msg)[edit]

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