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EarwigBot investigating an article for problems
Operator The Earwig (talk)
Approved? See chart
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) See chart
Edit period(s) See chart
Automatic or manual? See chart
Programming language(s) Python
Exclusion compliant? Yes
Source code published? Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes
Other information

EarwigBot is a bot owned and operated by The Earwig. The bot handles a wide variety of tasks, from detecting copyright violations at Articles for creation to tagging talk pages with WikiProject templates. A full list of the bot's tasks can be found below, with shutoff information below that. Still more information can be found in the navigation header above. Please direct any questions about this bot or its operation to my talk page. Thanks! — The Earwig (talk)


Task Name Periods BRFA/Status Source Shutoff Description
1 AfC copyvio bot Continuous Done Here Done (Start) The bot reports copyright-violating Articles for Creation submissions to User:EarwigBot/AfC copyvios. It runs continuously, following the recent changes feed and marking violating submissions with {{AfC suspected copyvio}}.
2 AfC statistics bot Continuous Ongoing Here Running (Stop) The bot updates the page Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/Statistics every hour with data from Category:Pending AfC submissions and recently declined or accepted submissions.
3 AfC category maintenance bot Continuous Ongoing Here Running (Stop) The bot creates daily, monthly, and yearly categories at Category:AfC submissions by date. The task runs every day at 0:00 UTC, and creates the categories three days in advance.
4 {{WikiProject Russian History}} removal One-time Done Done (Start) The bot finds and removes all duplicate instances of the template {{WikiProject Russian History}}, per this BOTREQ.
5 Category:Undated AfC submissions cleanup Continuous Ongoing Here Running (Stop) The bot puts a timestamp on all pages in Category:Undated AfC submissions, which is a list of AfC pages that are missing them. It runs once a week on Sundays. (Also includes task 7.)
6 WP:USPE WikiProject Tagging One-time Done Done (Start) The bot assists WikiProject Presidential Elections by tagging certain articles that are within the scope of the project with {{WikiProject United States presidential elections}}.
8 AfC category delinking Continuous Ongoing Here Running (Stop) The bot goes through the list of declined AfC submissions at Category:Declined AfC submissions and finds pages that have categories (using MySQL). It delinks the categories (per the logic that Wikipedia-space pages should not use mainspace categories) by placing a colon in front of them. The bot also uses {{tlx}} to delink templates that transclude categories, such as stub templates. It runs once a week on Mondays.
9 Wrong MIME type tagging Continuous Done Done (Start) The bot goes through a list of files whose extension does not agree with their MIME type, and tags them with {{rename media|correct file name|This file has an incorrect MIME type.}}. The task no longer runs thanks to MediaWiki functionality that enforces file extensions matching their MIME types.
10 {{DYK talk}} deprecation One-time Done Here Done (Start) The functionality for {{DYK talk}} has been incorporated into {{ArticleHistory}}. The bot goes through the list of talk pages that trasclude {{DYK talk}}. If the page has the template {{ArticleHistory}} in it as well, the bot will remove {{DYK talk}} and fill {{ArticleHistory}} with the appropriate parameters.
11 {{catmore}} replacement Continuous Withdrawn Stopped (Start) The bot was tasked to replace tranclusions of {{main}} in the category namespace with {{catmore}}. It was planned to run once at the start of every month, but was withdrawn after the task became unnecessary.
12 BLP tagging Continuous Ongoing Here Running (Stop) When {{WikiProject Biography}} is hidden by {{WPB}} or {{WPBS}}, {{BLP}} is not displayed if specified. Both banner templates have a parameter, |blp=yes, which places {{BLP}} above the banner shell. The bot goes through talk pages with {{WikiProject Biography|living=yes}}, either {{WPB}} or {{WPBS}}, and not {{BLP}}, adding |blp=yes to the banner shell template if it is not already there. It runs once a week on Tuesday.
13 Image display resizing Irregular Ongoing Here Running (Stop) The bot goes through transclusions of {{Infobox person}} that have upscaled portraits, shrinking the image so that it is at its native resolution and there is no size distortion. The correction is done by altering the |image_size= parameter; either replacing the value with another if it is too high, or specifying the parameter if it is unspecified (and thus the image size defaults to 225 pixels). It runs once a week on Wednesdays.
14 WikiProject tagging Irregular Ongoing Here Running (Stop) The bot tags talk pages of articles with WikiProject banners following request by the WikiProject. Every tagging run is started manually. All bot jobs require consensus from the WikiProject. Tagging can be done either through specific pages designated by the request or through a list of categories (subcategories included or not included). The bot also has the option of autoassessing the banner it is adding based on assessments used in other banners on the talk page, but it will not come up with its own assessment if the article has not already been assessed. Requests at User talk:The Earwig.
15 {{Infobox criminal}} parameter renaming One-time Done Here Done (Start) The bot replaces the deprecated parameters |penalty= and |status= in transclusions of {{Infobox criminal}} with |conviction_penalty= and |conviction_status=, respectively. It runs one time only, subsequent runs may occur but are probably unnecessary.
16 Book-related WikiProject notification One-time Done Here Done (Start) The bot leaves notices on the talk pages of WikiProjects that have Wikipedia-Books. These notices contain information related to recent book modifications, and alert WikiProjects that have books requiring cleanup.
17 {{Infobox ship image}} cleanup One-time Done Here Done (Start) The bot will loop through all imagelinks to File:No Photo Available.svg (list obtained using a MySQL query), and will blank the |Ship image= parameter of {{Infobox ship image}} if that template happens to be on the page, and also happens to contain the image.
18 FEED daily page creation Continuous Done Here Done (Start) The bot creates daily pages for WP:FEED, like Wikipedia:Requests for feedback/2010 July 2. The task runs every day at 0:00 UTC (via cron), and creates them three days in advance.
19 DRN clerk bot Continuous Done Here Done (Start) The bot carries out various clerking tasks for the dispute resolution noticeboard, managing the {{DR case status}} template, leaving notices (with {{DRN-notice}} and {{DRN stale notice}}) as cases develop, and updating {{DRN case status}}.
  1. Conception means that the bot hasn't been fully designed yet, and I am currently unsure of how the end product will function.
  2. Coding means that the bot is already past the concept phase, and the code is being written.
  3. BRFA means that the bot has been coded, and is pending approval before it begins its task.
  4. Withdrawn means that the bot was never approved, because I withdrew it due to specific reasons (see the bot's BRFA).
  5. Done means that the bot is approved, and has completed its task.
  6. Ongoing means that the bot has an ongoing task and has been coded/approved, but will never be technically 'done'.

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