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Hi! I'm a structural engineer and amateur boxer currently living in New York City. Most of my article contributions are to the fields of hip-hop culture and combat sports.

I'm also an administrator here, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help, and email me if there are privacy concerns. If you ever have any problem with my actions on Wikipedia, please let me know immediately; I'll be glad to assist you with whatever I can. For the fastest results, you can find me on IRC in #wikipedia-en, #wikipedia-en-unblock and #wikipedia-en-admins as east718.

My administrative policy: I trust that my fellow admins' actions are undertaken for the good of Wikipedia. Don't hesitate to overturn anything I do which you decide to be erroneous. If I disagree with your action, I'll try to discuss it either with you or the community; you are absolved in advance of any wrongdoing. Please consider extending this courtesy to your fellow admins, at least until they repeatedly prove themselves unworthy of this trust.

As of February 20, I have 30029 edits and 238820 administrative actions on Wikipedia.

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