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English French IPA pronunciation (Canadian accent) IPA pronunciation (French accent)
French français About this sound/fʀɑ̃sɛ/ About this sound/fʁɑ̃sɛ/
English anglais About this sound/ɑ̃glɛ/ About this sound/ɑ̃glɛ/
Yes Oui Except when responding to a negatively posed question, in which case Si is used preferentially over Oui About this sound/wi/ About this sound/wi/
No Non About this sound/nɔ̃/ About this sound/nɔ̃/
Hello! Bonjour ! (formal) Salut ! (informal) About this sound/bɔ̃ʒuːʀ/ About this sound/bɔ̃ʒuːʁ/
Good evening! Bonsoir ! About this sound/bɔ̃swɑ:ʁ/ About this sound/bɔ̃swa:ʁ/
Good night! Bonne nuit ! About this sound/bɔnnɥi/ About this sound/bɔnnɥi/
Goodbye! Au revoir ! About this sound/ɔʁvwɑːʁ/ About this sound/oʁøvwaːʁ/
Have a nice day! Bonne journée ! About this sound/bɔnʒuʀne/ About this sound/bɔnʒuʁne/
Please S'il vous plaît (formal) S'il te plaît (informal) About this sound/sɪlvuplɛ/ About this sound/silvuplɛ/
Thank you Merci About this sound/mɛʀsi/ About this sound/mɛʁsi/
You're welcome De rien ("it is nothing") / Je vous en prie (formal) Je t'en prie (informal)
I'm sorry Pardon / Je suis désolé (if male) / Je suis désolée (if female) About this sound/paʀdɔ̃/ / About this sound/dezɔle/ About this sound/paʁdɔ̃/ / About this sound/dezɔle/
Who? Qui ? About this sound/ki/ About this sound/ki/
What? Quoi ? About this sound/kwa/ About this sound/kwa/
When? Quand ? About this sound/kɑ̃/ About this sound/kɑ̃/
Where? Où ? About this sound/u/ About this sound/u/
Why? Pourquoi ? About this sound/puʀkwa/ About this sound/puʁkwa/
What's your name? Comment vous appelez-vous ? (formal) Comment t'appelles-tu ? (informal)
Because Parce que / "À cause de" — literally "because of" or "due to" About this sound/paʁs(ə)kə/ About this sound/paʁs(ə)kə/
For (when used as "because") Car
Therefore Donc
How? Comment ? About this sound/kɔmɑ̃/ About this sound/kɔmɑ̃/
How much? Combien ? About this sound/kɔ̃bjɛ̃/ About this sound/kɔ̃bjɛ̃/
I do not understand. Je ne comprends pas. About this sound/ʒə nə kɔ̃pʀɑ̃ pɑ/ About this sound/ʒə nə kɔ̃pʁɑ̃ pɑ/
Yes, I understand. Oui, je comprends. Except when responding to a negatively posed question, in which case Si is used preferentially over Oui About this sound/wi ʒə kɔ̃pʀɑ̃/ About this sound/wi ʒə kɔ̃pʁɑ̃/
Help! Au secours !! (à l'aide !) About this sound/oskuːʀ/ About this sound/oskuːʁ/
Can you help me please ? Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît ? or Pourriez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît ? (formal) Peux-tu m'aider s'il te plaît ? or Pourrais-tu m'aider s'il te plaît (informal)
Where are the bathrooms? Où sont les toilettes ? About this sound/u sɔ̃ le twalɛt/ About this sound/u sɔ̃ le twalɛt/
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais ? About this sound/paʀlevu ɑ̃glɛ/ About this sound/paʁlevu ɑ̃glɛ/
I do not speak French. Je ne parle pas français. /ʒə nə paʀlə pɑ fʀɑ̃sɛ/ /ʒə nə paʁl(ə) pa fʁɑ̃sɛ/
I don't know. Je ne sais pas.
I know. Je sais.
I am thirsty. J'ai soif.
I am hungry. J'ai faim.
How are you? / How are things going? / How's everything? Comment allez-vous? (formal) Ça va? or Comment ça va ? (informal)
I am (very) well / Things are going (very) well // Everything is (very) well Je vais (très) bien. (formal) Ça va (très) bien. / Tout va (très) bien (informal)
I am (very) bad / Things are (very) bad / Everything is (very) bad Je vais (très) mal (formal) Ça va (très) mal. Tout va (très) mal (informal)
I am ok/so-so / Everything is ok/so-so Ça va comme ci, comme ça.
I am fine. Ça va.