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This is the user page for Echoedmyron. I mainly perform minor copy edits, cleaning up random syntax issues and typos that drive me crazy. However, I do spend an awful amount of time contributing to articles about NHL hockey and roller derby, which are not as different as you might think.

Recognized content[edit]

Type Page name Date Promoted
Symbol question.svg DYK Falling (Blue Peter album) February 1, 2011
Symbol question.svg DYK Mike Allison March 16, 2011
Symbol question.svg DYK Bill Heindl, Jr. February 23, 2013

Pages on which I've done extensive work[edit]

Ron Duguay
Toronto Roller Derby
Blue Peter (band)
Paul Humphrey (Canadian musician)
Lloyd Ailsby
George Allen (ice hockey)
Mike Allison
Bill Allum
Brian Lawton
Bill Heindl, Jr.
List of roller derby leagues
Team USA (roller derby)

Pages which I have created[edit]

Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Chris Wardman
Control house
Falling (Blue Peter album)
Hockey Sock Rock
Roller Derby World Cup
Team Canada (roller derby)
Test Patterns for Living
Tri-City Roller Girls
Toronto Roller Derby
Up To You (Blue Peter EP)