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I am an unapologetic supporter of the First Amendment and Second Amendment as defined by the writings of the men who wrote the bill of rights not those who violate it. I am appalled at the intentional misrepresentation of these issues from all sides.

I have to acknowledge that I formally joined wikipedia for the purpose of contributing to the editing of the NY SAFE act.

I tried to make an addition indicating the unintended banning of many shotguns and lever action rifles, which was removed. I joined so I can be recognized as participating constructively, for the edits I make and help prevent the unintentional collaboration of wikipedia in the misinformation campaign around this subject.

I was motivated to this because I can not buy this rifle Rossi 45 colt lever action in NY due to the SAFE act. I do not believe very many people know this rifle is illegal in NY but it is banned. There is no way to legally own that rifle in NY, none.

We assumed that gunsmithing could make it conform to the 10 round rule and I could have the longer more accurate barrel. Not so. It can not be "permanently " altered to 10 rounds therefore it is banned. See the exact wording of the law NY State assmebly bill S02230 for details.

Very few except those who wrote this legislation in secret have an understanding of its wide reaching ramifications.

No one, no matter where you reside on the political scale should be comfortable with how this was done.

The bullet point synopsis reads like most of the summaries of the legislation , the edits have filled in some details but the overall tone is still one sided. I am sure that last statement can be categorized as opinion.

I understand that this is not the place to have the philosophical/political discussion of the issues of gun control or the the NY SAFE act.

I am committed to sharing the actual legislation and its effects.

Now that I have taken on learning the flow and formatting here I am sure I can contribute constructively to other articles.Economic Refugee (talk) 15:28, 3 August 2013 (UTC)