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Development Challenge in Cambodia: Education

Education of Cambodia[edit]

Quality of education[edit]

Gender disparity[edit]

Although the literacy rate and the number of girls graduating from primary school in Cambodia are increasing, the number of girls who drop out from secondary education is much higher than the number of boys. In 2008, the fraction of girls to boys in upper secondary is 75% and only 50% in tertiary education. [1] [2] This disparity can be partly attributed to the higher opportunity cost of sending girls to school as there will be one less helping hand to earn an extra income. In 2008, 23% of young women are illiterate compared to 16% of men. [3] Failing to educate women can lead to an economic cost of US$92 billion each year.[4]

Tertiary education[edit]

Relationship of education and development[edit]

Other factors[edit]


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