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Active Dec 2005-Jun 2011
On Hiatus Jul 2011-Feb 2015
Active Mar 2015-

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The above is a timeline of my activity on Wikipedia. I started in December 2005 and made 12,639 edits (according to my preferences page -- 13,263 according to this site) before taking a hiatus for a while. I started back up again in March 2015.

My most noteworthy accomplishments during that time was starting The UNCAT Task Force, getting interviewed in The Signpost for it, and starting the article Islip Speedway which was featured in "Did You Know?"


This section will be a work in progress for a while as I come back from an extended hiatus.

  • I disagree with the "inherent notability" of high schools. Reading this discussion was discouraging, because it feels like high schools get a "free pass" from deletion and don't need to meet the same WP:N and WP:V standards as other categories of articles.