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Eduardo Tocino's Interests/Skills:
prog-xThis user is merely a humble programmer.
Python-logo-notext.svgThis user can program in Python.
Opensource.svgThis user is into open source software.
Johnny automatic international Space Station.gif EdTocino1 would like to edit from the ISS (even an old laptop in Kibo would do).
JamesGarfield.pngThis user knows that it should be a crime to say there was ever a greater president than James Garfield.
SI ? This user prefers metric units, but, having grown up in the U.S., cannot relate to them.
10This user realizes that there are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who do not.
This user is pretty sure that he is an outlier compared to everybody else.Michelsonmorley-boxplot.svg
Earth Eastern Hemisphere.jpgThis user promotes efforts to counter
climate change
Communism.pngThe user is a Communist and advocates for the overthrow of capitalism (nonviolently). Workers of the world unite!
Hst pluto cropped.pngThis user agrees that Pluto is not a planet but also thinks the IAU's definition is a mess.IAU
TI-89.jpgThis user uses a TI calculator.
Posaune.gifThis user plays the trombone.
Pengreen1.gifEdTocino1 likes to turn Wikipedia Green.
eo-1Ĉi tiu uzanto povas komuniki per baza nivelo de Esperanto.

Hello, I'm EdTocino1, and I'm from Minnesota. I was the Time 2006 Person of the Year. My interests include James Garfield, communism, and STEM. I'm doing my best to help Wikipedia for the common good. Please leave a message on the talk page if you so desire!

List of pages I have made significant contributions to: