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Manouchehr Edward (Ed) Motamedi was born in Isfahan Iran. His father was Architect in civil engineering. His father's family all were born in Isfahan. During his childhood his interests were in arts and music. He attended elementary school when he was 11 years old. He finished elementary school in 4 years. Entered high school early and finished the high school requirements in five years. He used his spare times before getting to college, for painting and for tutoring high school levels. At the age of 20, he left Isfahan to Tehran to get acceptance in University of Tehran.

Ed's Academic Life as he explains I entered University of Tehran with honor. During the first year I selected Civil Engineering. Later in the year, I changed my field to Electrical Engineering (EE). After 5 years I was awarded a B.S. and M.S. degrees together in EE at the age of 25. During the summers when I was senior in college, I was hired part time by a local private company and when I was graduated I was hired fulltime as a site engineer. Two years later, I moved to America for higher education. Graduated from St. Michael college of language in Winooski , VT, and moved to Evanston, Illinois at age of 29 to attend the Northwestern University in electrical engineering. I got admission by recommendation of the Dean of graduate schools. I finished all the requirements for Master degree M.S. My M.S. thesis was building a GaAs laser system and my degree was awarded at the age of 32. I continued working at NU graduate school for Ph.D. degree under Prof. Max Epstein. I finished all the required courses for Doctor degree during 2 years with high honor. My Ph.D. thesis was entitled “Wide Band Transaction of Surface Acoustic Wave”. Surface Acoustic Waves also called SAW. SAW has numerous applications in communication, cell miniaturization, and all GPS devices. Acoustic delay lines offers system modules many order of size reduction since SAW propagations are 105 times slower that electromagnetic waves.

Work Experience After graduation from Northwestern University at age 35, I left US to Tehran, Iran, and joined Arya-Mehr University for almost 2 years. During this period, I was teaching electrical engineering and initiated a small IC laboratory in Material Research Center and published two papers. I left Iran to US at age 37 and joined Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, working as a Visiting Professor. I worked in RPI for almost 6 years. Joining with General Electric, I have received an NSF award to build a CCD lab in RPI. The lab was built successfully and currently it is the center of RPI IC Lab. During early 1980s, I left RPI and joined Rockwell Science Center (Rockwell) in Thousand Oaks, CA. During the first 5 years in Rockwell, I was involved with design and process of monolithic SAW devices and program managing of several government contracts including a new and for the first time, CMOS MEMS high-G accelerometer. During 1998, I left Rockwell and founded Asentec Corporation in Santa Maria, CA for development, processing, and manufacturing vehicle airbags. Unfortunately, US economy entered recession and finally I was forced to rejoin Rockwell in 1989. During 1990, I was assigned to mange a special government/industry program between Rockwell in Thousand Oaks, CA and Lincoln Lab in Boston, MA, to transfer micro-optics from Research labs to industry, a true commercial research development. I was involved to this special assignment for almost two yeas. During 1992, Rockwell was ready for manufacturing space IR cameras based on micro-optics. Rockwell business in micro-optics still is active to date. During this period, researchers at Rockwell discovered that micro-optics if truly merged by MEMS has amazing capability since the two mergers both are based on IC development and batch processing. To distinguish this technology with simply the optical MEMS, a new acronym of MOEMS was suggested to use internally. During 1993 this acronym of MOEMS was published as an invited paper in SPIE annual meeting in San Diego [1]. During 1998, I left Rockwell for the second time. I started two new companies. The first one was MOEM Tech Inc., (MTI), a consulting company. MTI received several contact from Rockwell mostly for a smooth transfer of the technology. During the year 2000, I founded Revoltech Microsystems (RM) for manufacturing microscan devices for a general purpose. RM got license agreement from Rockwell for several patents which I was the prime inventors. RM technology for manufacturing was/is based on nanotechnology and MOEMS miniaturization. The date this Ed-Motamedi user data is prepared is 2011; The field of MOEMS has extensively used in technology and even though in many case is reported wrong as optical MEMS, but in fact are truly MOEMS technology. During the past decade SPIE founded a new ongoing symposium called MOEMS-MEMS Symposium, a new journal has developed called journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS in short called JM3, and a new MOEMS Textbook. RM is presently active; I am the president and CEO of the company. During the past several years company is redirected to biotechnology and life science. RM awarded 10 patents in this field, has developed a large ranges of the innovative devices which all will be shown in Wikipedia MOEMS page. It may takes some time but the page will be completed within a couple years.