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I'm going to start a list of reverts. Some will be legitimate, others questionable. From time to time, I'll sort them out.

Original research and censorship of opposing views[edit]

This article is one of several all featuring ORIGINAL RESEARCH by a handful of polemical writers who insist that only their view remains. One problem is that this same original research has been intentionally spread over a number of other articles under other names, but all dealing with the same subject matter. Below this notice is a partial list of similar articles, because it is not known precisely how many of these articles have been created. However, by observing the current article it will be discovered that it is overlengh and that its many references and links belong to other related articles on Wikipedia. Heavy editing according to Wikipedia style; conformity to a proper use of the English language and prevention of religious POV is immediately required and requested. MPLX/MH 19:15, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

There are several existing Wikipedia interrelated articles about this same subject:

Phillip E. Johnson; Wedge strategy; Darwin on Trial;
Icons of Evolution
Santorum Amendment; Discovery Institute;
Theistic realism; Howard Ahmanson, Jr; Center for Science and Culture;

Michael Behe; David Berlinski; William A. Dembski; Stephen C. Meyer;
Jonathan Wells; Bruce Chapman; George Gilder Creation and evolution in public education
specified complexity, irreducible complexity

Intelligent Design[edit]


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