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Possible impact on terrestrial climate[edit]

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the Sun

What about , which I just created?


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Old Stuff[edit]

The sun emits sunlight (see solar variation).

  1. More sunlight - moving at 300,000 km/s
  2. More incoming solar irradiance receives by the earth varies

Not much effect on global air temperature

Sunspots follow a well-known 11-year solar cycle. Svensmark and others have proposed the following cause-and-effect mechanism;

  1. Increase in sunspot number (see Wolf Number)
  2. Increase in the solar wind - changed particles moving at 400 km/s to 900 km/s
  3. Decrease in cosmic rays hitting the earth
  4. Decrease in low-level cloud formation
  5. Increase in air temperature

Seems to correlate strongly with global air temperature (but this is disputed)

Here Comes the Sun [1]