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Working mainly on jazz. Willing to help anyone who is enthusiastically improving jazz pages, especially on people and music that should be better known.

Concentrating on pianists (marked with a red asterisk below). Working on Category:Solo piano jazz albums at the moment.


Taken to Good Article status[edit]

Full list


Full list

Soul Eyes
Chihiro Yamanaka
The Jazztet
Whisper Not (song)
Moanin' (song)
The Sidewinder (song)
Blues March
Tommy Williams (musician)
Lafayette Gilchrist
Willie Jones (drummer)
Compared to What [from redirect]
Alexander Hawkins
Hasaan Ibn Ali
Straight Life (book)
Beneath the Underdog [from redirect]
Glass Enclosure (song)
Intuition (free improvisation)
The New Tristano
Masahiko Satoh
Crosscurrents (Lennie Tristano album)
Yutaka Shiina
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Fumio Karashima
Matt Mitchell (pianist)
Peter Zak
Masaru Imada
Kris Bowers
Leo Genovese
Jason Lindner
Marc Perrenoud
Jef Neve
Baptiste Trotignon
Martin Bejerano
Jo-Yu Chen
Kris Davis
David Virelles
Dan Nimmer
Willie Pickens
Florian Ross
Bernie Senensky
Liam Noble (musician)
Art Hirahara
Ehud Asherie
Christian Sands
Sullivan Fortner
Adam Birnbaum
Eve Risser
Laurent Coq
Russ Lossing
Burak Bedikyan
Umberto Petrin
Gianni Lenoci
Takashi Matsunaga
Ramón Valle
Ray Kennedy (pianist)
Roberta Piket
Dodo's Back!
Markus Gottschlich
Roosevelt Wardell
Jozef Dumoulin
Emanuele Maniscalco
The Preacher (Horace Silver song) [from redirect]
Doodlin' (Horace Silver song)
Danny Grissett
Glenn Zaleski
10 Years Solo Live
Pablo Held
Glauco Venier
Jacob Sacks
Song for My Father (song) [from redirect]
Peace (Horace Silver song)
Señor Blues (song)
Chasin' the Bird (song)
Fire Waltz
Opus de Funk (song)
The Cherry Thing
The Thing (The Thing album)
Shake (The Thing album)
Junk Magic
Action Jazz
When It Rains (Brad Mehldau song)
Blues and Ballads [from redirect]
Love Sublime [from redirect]
Generation Snowflake
Nearness (album)
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau
New York-Barcelona Crossing, Volumen 1
New York-Barcelona Crossing, Volumen 2
Grant Stewart
When I Fall in Love (Brad Mehldau album)
Consenting Adults (album)
Love Songs (von Otter–Mehldau album)
Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz with Brad Mehldau
Modern Music (Mehldau–Hayes album)
The Natural Moment
Stranger in Paradise (Peter Bernstein album)
Heart's Content (album)
Young at Art
Rising Grace
Another Shade of Blue
Alone Together (Lee Konitz album)
Live at Birdland (Lee Konitz album)
San Francisco (Fleurine album)
Close Enough for Love (Fleurine album)
Blues Cruise
Vine (album)
The Original Mob
Walking Shadows
With All My Heart (Harvey Mason album)
Moving In (album)
In This World (Mark Turner album)
Adama (album)
Portrait in Sound
Downtown Sounds
Ademuz (album)
Friendship (Perico Sambeat album)
Don't Explain (Joel Frahm album)
Joel Frahm
Israeli Song (album)
Fire (Fleurine album)
Man of Many Colors
A Good Thing (album)
Three Times Three
Samba Carioca
Mario Rossy
Allen Mezquida
Play It Cool (Lea DeLaria album)
Not by Chance (album)
Joe Martin (bassist)
Christopher Hollyday
Roadhouse (Ruth Cameron album)
Ruth Cameron
Christmas in New York (album)
Petra Goes to the Movies
Darek Oleszkiewicz
Like a Dream (album)
Peace (Dayna Stephens album)
Convergence (Warren Wolf album)
Art of Love: Music of Machaut
Anzic Records
Smoke Sessions Records
Anthony Wilson (album)
Cymbals (album)
Vinicius (album)
A Multitude of Angels [from redirect]
Daylight Ghosts
Solo Piano (Tommy Flanagan album)
The Tommy Flanagan Tokyo Recital
Trinity (Tommy Flanagan album)
It's Snowing on My Piano
Lonely Town (album)
Montreux '77 (Tommy Flanagan album)
Alone Too Long (album)
Tommy Flanagan Plays the Music of Harold Arlen
The Super Jazz Trio
The Magnificent Tommy Flanagan
Jazz Poet (Tommy Flanagan album)
...And a Little Pleasure
Nights at the Vanguard
Beyond the Blue Bird
Blues in the Closet (Tommy Flanagan album)
The Master Trio
Something Tasty
You're Me
The Standard (Tommy Flanagan album)
The Magic of 2
Vincent Nilsson
The Changes of Life
July in Paris
Jaki Byard at Maybeck
Night Leaves
Live at the Royal Festival Hall (Jaki Byard and Howard Riley album)
Apollo Stompers
The Entertainer (Jaki Byard album)
Viper Mad
Ljubljana (album)
Flight of the Fly
This Happening
David Eyges
My Mother's Eyes (Jaki Byard album)
Gratitude (Dayna Stephens album)
Honi Gordon
Honi Gordon Sings
Manhattan Plaza (album)
Manhattan Blues
Ebony Rhapsody
Involution (album)
Life Is a Many Splendored Gig
Body and Soul (Ray Nance album)
Lady Bird (album)
Jordan Sandke
Amarcord Nino Rota
Rhythm Is Our Business
Live at the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris, Vol. 2
Live at the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris, Vol. 1
Year of the Iron Sheep
American-African Blues
Live in '65
Five on Eight
Charlie Mariano with His Jazz Group
Modern Saxophone Stylings of Charlie Mariano
Elise Wood
Luminous (John Hicks and Elise Wood album)
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Seven
Cry Me a River (album)
John Hicks (album)
Beyond Expectations
Single Petal of a Rose
Trio + Strings
Tribute to George Adams
America's National Parks
Sweet Love of Mine
On the Wings of an Eagle (album)
Beautiful Friendship
Lover Man: A Tribute to Billie Holiday
Friends Old and New
I'll Give You Something to Remember Me By
Oleo (New York Unit album)
Heart Beats (Keystone Trio album)
Newklear Music
Twogether (John Hicks and Frank Morgan album)
Hicks Time
Over the Rainbow (New York Unit album)
Crazy for You (John Hicks album)
Piece for My Peace
In the Mix (album)
Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey
Blues March: Portrait of Art Blakey
The Missouri Connection
Akari (album)
Signs Live!
Highsmith (album)
Dwayne Dolphin
Blue Bossa (New York Unit album)
Now's the Time (composition)
St. Thomas: Tribute to Great Tenors
Now's the Time (New York Unit album)
After the Morning (1992 John Hicks album)
Gentle Rain (John Hicks album)
Pit Inn (jazz club)
Sunday in New York (album)
Piano Duets: Live in Berlin 93/94
Two for Two
Iron Wedding
Intakt Records
So Long, Eric!
Taylor Ho Bynum
Eddie McFadden
Dan Faulk
Marcus McLaurine
Straight Up (Eric Alexander album)
Up, Over & Out
Mode for Mabes
The First Milestone
The Second Milestone
Dead Center (Eric Alexander album)
Nightlife in Tokyo
Summit Meeting (Eric Alexander album)
Revival of the Fittest
It's All in the Game (Eric Alexander album)
Live at the Keynote
Don't Follow the Crowd
Touching (Eric Alexander album)
Chicago Fire (Eric Alexander album)
The Real Thing (Eric Alexander album)
Second Impression
Chim Chim Cheree (album)
Philadelphia Bound
For Phineas
To Love and Be Loved
Afro Blue (Harold Mabern album)
Right On Time (Harold Mabern album)
Joy Spring (Harold Mabern album)
Straight Street (album)
Maya with Love
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Two
Music of 1937
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Four
Live at Smalls
African Piano
Reflections (Abdullah Ibrahim album)
Ancient Africa (album)
Ode to Duke Ellington
Memories (Abdullah Ibrahim album)
African Sketchbook
Jazzbühne Berlin '82
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Five
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Six
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Eight
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Eleven
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Twelve
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Thirteen
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Fourteen
Mr. Lucky (Harold Mabern album)
The Leading Man (album)
Mabern's Grooveyard
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Harold Mabern album)
Cedar Walton at Maybeck
Gene Harris at Maybeck
Adam Makowicz at Maybeck
African Portraits
Sangoma (Abdullah Ibrahim album)
Painted Rhythms: The Compleat Ran Blake, Volume 2
Solo (Mulgrew Miller album)
Painted Rhythms: The Compleat Ran Blake, Volume 1
The Song Is My Story
Wende (album)
Ran Blake Plays Solo Piano
Solo (Lynne Arriale album)
Welcome to New York (album)
American Landscape (Bruce Barth album)
Pelagos (album)
Life of a Petal
Baptism (Stefano Battaglia album)

Given up on for lack of sources[edit]

Full list

Allen Eager
Tommy Turk

Long-term aims[edit]


(Created on 23 October 2017.)

An article for everything connected to the leader discography of Harold Mabern.

(Created on 12 July 2017.)

An article for everything connected to the leader discography of John Hicks. Done (to 9 September 2017): 32 albums; 4 musicians.

(Created 31 January 2015.)

A Good Article for 50 jazz pianists. Currently: 15/50

30% complete

A Featured Article for 10 jazz pianists. Currently: 0/10

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Full list

An article for everything connected to the discography of Jaki Byard. Aim created on 1 April 2017 and achieved on 7 July 2017. Articles created: 27 for albums; 3 for musicians (5 more are not notable); 1 for a band; 6 record labels are not notable.

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An article for everything connected to the leader discography of Tommy Flanagan. Aim created on 11 March 2017 and achieved on 29 March 2017. Articles created: 19 for albums; 1 for a musician (3 more are not notable); 4 record labels are not notable.

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An article for everything connected to the discography of Brad Mehldau. Aim created on 8 December 2016 and achieved on 29 December 2016. Articles created: 53 for albums; 9 for musicians; 2 for record labels (2 more are not notable).

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But he didn't stop recording, so... since then: 2 for albums (1 more record label is not notable).

Create 50 articles on jazz pianists. Aim created on 31 January 2015 and achieved on 30 December 2015.

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