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Most of my edits are probably around politics, history and railways in England, but I have been known to edit random things here and there as well, as well as tidy up grammar and spelling mistakes when I see them (although I do resist the temptation to correct spellings such as "color" and "favorite")

I've started editing more random articles now, correcting things here and there where I see grammar or spelling mistakes, or phrases which could be written in a better way... and more computer stuff (for example MSDOS.SYS)

I hit the 1,000 edits barrier on 24 December 2005 with an edit on London SE23 - if you're interested (Although I do sometimes edit without logging in if I'm in a hurry)

oh and just to clear it up - it is Edd Payne and not Ed D Payne... ie spelt with two ds.... as in Edd the Duck... :o) edd 22:14, 19 Jul 2004 (UTC)

also on the Catalan wikipedia - ca:Usuari:Edd