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Hi! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Edgar Bonet. I am a French physicist at the Néel Institute in Grenoble, France. I’m specialized in nanomagnetism. Besides physics, I am mainly interested in:

  • computer programming, especially:
    • in C, the language I am most comfortable with
    • in JavaScript, mainly to write experimental protocols (that’s right, JavaScript is not just for the Web!)
    • occasionally in C++ (with Qt), PHP or bash
  • photography, including its technical aspects (optics...), analog and pinhole photography
  • Lindy Hop, a social dance performed on swing music.

I have an account in the French Wikipedia since January 2008, and in the English Wikipedia since August 2010.

My contributions[edit]

I have been mainly fixing formulas and adding small pieces of data here and there, in articles related to physics and photography:


All these are in French:

TODO list[edit]