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Edits 51204
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I am an administrator on the English-language Wikipedia, starting in September 2007. I am quite sad to witness the current decline in viability of Wikipedia, principle due to the decrease in active administrators.

  • I have worked to establish guidelines for the notability of churches, synagogues, mosques, etc at WP:CONG and have worked to establish guidelines for the notability of shopping malls at WP:MALL, both of which were ultimately rejected by the community. I created a proposed guideline Wikipedia:News articles for the notability of the subjects of news stories, noting that not everything which makes it into the news is encyclopedic. It too failed to gain consensus, but is sometimes cited as an essay in AFD discussions.
  • Politically, I am of the philosophy that the government which governs best is the one which best keeps its feet at all times off my neck.
  • Member of BLP Patrol:
Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Noticeboard
Wikipedia:BLP Patrol/Development
Wikipedia:Living People Patrol

  • I contribute to the Reference Desk for Science, Humanities, and Miscellaneous.
  • I watch recent changes, revert vandalism, warn vandals and welcome newcomers. I also check random articles and tag those needing help, or I find references to improve them.
  • I do Wikignome activities.
  • I will spend unlimited time looking up references online, or via a research library.
  • My philosophy is "encyclopedist" rather than "inclusionist" or "deletionist." I am regularly assailed as part of an "Inclusionist cabal" and as part of a "Deletionist cabal" by those with whom I disagree in AFD debates.

On other language Wikipedias I use the name Edisonia, since I was not able to secure to the "Edison" name on them. It was used inadvertently for one edit in August 2011. User:Edison2 is an alternative account I may use for non-administrator activities from nonsecure public computers.It was used from August 22-September 23, 2008, when my main computer was broken and I had to use a less secure shared computer. The alternate account User:BnBH, now permanently retired, was used for a day in January, 2012.