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About my role on wikipedia[edit]

About created pages[edit]

I see myself as an editor that creates pages for topics that are not covered. I enjoy seeing the stubs I started becoming complete articles as more and more people contribute to them. I enjoy creating pages to more obscure topics to help make wikipedia a repository of 'out of the way' knowledge on the internet.

We are all human![edit]

If I make any mistakes please keep in mind that all my changes are done with only improvement in mind, not vandalism. I do not discriminate when it comes to what I edit, any article or topic is fair game. That being said, there are times where I've been right and times where I have been wrong. I believe in discussion and peaceful resolution, not edit wars.

Why all the redirects?[edit]

I believe redirects are important as they help reduce the creation of numerous pages on the same topic. Also, it helps make Wikipedia searchable meaning that it makes it easier for a person to find a page if they have difficulty remembering the spelling or exact name. A lot of redirects I make are minor alterations of the main page's name such as missing dashes, extra symbols or sub titles. There are arguments against making Wikipedia a 'search engine' and I understand the criticism but I think the wide variety of knowledge on wikipedia should be as easily accessible as possible. A person using Wikipedia should be able to type in anything (that isn't random or ridiculous) and expect some sort of link to an article. This is a key advantage an online encyclopedia has over a paper one.

Donations to Wikimedia foundation[edit]

I believe every user has a duty to donate to Wikimedia. Wikipedia is a fantastic resource and the administration has not comprimised its goal to provide knowledge to the world. Through donation we can keep Wikipedia running without advertisements and demonstrate our support. Even if you just donate $20 USD it makes a difference. Below are the donations I've made.

November 24th, 2007: $30 CAD

Wikiprojects I am signed up to[edit]

Current Goals[edit]



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