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You can find me, for example, here: or here:

And my illuminated manuscript and medieval art-oriented tumblr:

My interests include (in alphabetical order):

  • art (mainly paintings, applied art, sculpture)
  • botany (flowering plants)
  • fashion (mainly women's, medieval (or up to 1550))
  • folklore and memetics
  • linguistics (comparative, IE languages)
  • music (medieval troubadours)
  • paleontology (mammalian evolution; synapsids; dinosaurs)
  • philosophy (morality; consciousness; existentialism)
  • religion (comparative; ancient; criticism of modern religions; mythologies; evolution of)
  • zoology (systematics; birds, mammals)

I consider myself (i.a.) a: pacifist, utopian communist, liberal, atheist.

Favourite things include - i.a. - beauty; SanSan; zombie apocalypse scenarios; customizing my character's appearance, picking plants, riding horses and dressing up in RPGs (Elder Scrolls FTW!!!); systematizing; understanding change in objects' forms and of social attitudes over time.

I am an image hoarder. There are tens of thousand of images in my gallery folder, and the number is growing still.