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Effeietsanders is commoners' Dutch for for a moment something else. I am a Dutch Wikimedian and am mainly active in Dutch or on the meta-wiki. Currently I am a PhD student in California.

For further information, please check out my Dutch user page or go to the Meta-Wiki.



I started the following lemmas (or had quite some writing in it) at the English Wikipedia:

Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst - Dutch Royal Library - Ter Heijde - Glanerbrug - Eexterzandvoort - December murders - Jimmy Leonard Stolk - David van Goorle - Kars Veling - Tooske Breugem - Reinout Oerlemans - Gordon Heuckeroth - Soundmixshow - Mill, Netherlands - Royal Dutch Mint - IDEAL - Bram Peper - Third Gerbrandy cabinet - Second Gerbrandy cabinet - First Gerbrandy cabinet - Teylers Stichting - Teylers Oval Room - Leendert Viervant the Younger - Jacobus Barnaart (1726-1780) - Teylers astronomical observatory - Teylers Eerste Genootschap - Ad van der Steur - Wybrand Hendricks - Dekkersduin - Dekkersduin (painting) - Albertus Brondgeest - Abraham Teerlink - Top of the Mont Blanc - Hubert-Jan Henket - Ferdinand de Braekeleer the Elder - Volkert Simon Maarten van der Willigen - John Cuthbertson (instrument maker) - Woutherus Mol - Coba Ritsema - List of members of Teylers Eerste Genootschap - List of directors of Teylers Stichting - Abraham de Vries (minister) - List of members of Teylers Tweede Genootschap - Age Wijnalda - Cornelis Loosjes - Kunduz Coalition - Klaas Sybrandi - Cornelis Elout - Johannes Enschedé (1708-1780) - Antarctic Protected Area - (several monument list pages for South Africa) - (several monument list pages for the Philippines) - (several monument list pages for India) - (several monument list pages for China) - Västerbottens-Kuriren - Derk Bolt - Helga van Leur - Hugo de Jonge - Wopke Hoekstra - Second Marlin cabinet - William Marlin - Menno Snel - Paul Blokhuis - Times of Suriname - Koninklijke Schouwburg - Het Nationale Theater - Charles Vandenhove - Alpe d'HuZes - Beilstein, Hesse - Julie de Cistello - Boris Orlov (coach) - Bizzey - The Times Group - Willie Dille - Andries Knevel - Dick Schoof - Jan Müller (executive) - Frits Wester - Igor Tuleya - Els van Breda Vriesman - Jerry Masslo - International Union of Police Associations - Gordon Daniel Morgan - Christean Wagner -

Take a look at this page if you are interested in all my contributions.

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