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If you enjoy the drama and lulz at ANI...[edit]

You'll also love Advertising Standards Authority adjudications. Here's one. Egg Centric 16:44, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

Unfair Blocks[edit]

The following have been unfairly blocked or banned:

Me out for a Sunday Drive[edit]


Mentions in the press for wikipedia activities[edit]

Current number: 1.

  1. lol

My new wiki-hobby[edit]

and if that's full

Articles wot i iz created that have not been deleted[edit]

Doesn't include disambigs and redirects (got 54 of them so far) but overall I am far more of a reader than a writer. Face-smile.svg

Articles wot i iz created that may be deleted yet! (but like, totally shouldn't be)[edit]

(They will be removed from here after either a fortnight of unmolested existence, or surviving an AfD, whichever is soonest)

Wiki philosophy[edit]

I am more of a gnomey kind of editor. Most of the articles I create start out as stubs, mainly cause I don't have the attention span to create a proper thing. I strongly beleive that just providing a little stub you can seed a good or even featured article. I also enjoy lulz and drama. If I were an admin, I would have a userbox saying I was willing to make difficult blocks and unblocks. Egg Centric

Wikipedia editors summed up[edit]

Egg centric user page - oh dear.jpg

Other potential issues[edit]

It makes a great deal of sense to block any particular editor who will not, cannot, or doesn't want to work entirely within wiki guidelines.

It makes absolutely no sense to block all those editors. But of course, if you take the first sentence to its logical conclusion, then you would.

Therefore an intelligent overall administrative policy would balance these two self-evident statements. Unfortunately, if an editor is borderline overall, then one particular admin is going to hate them and block them. I could explain this using well founded statistical arguments but hope it's equally self-evident.

Indeed the editor doesn't even have to be particularly close to borderline.

Therefore Wikipedia is going to trend towards removing the mavericks, the free thinkers, the - dare I say it - interesting folk.

Perhaps that's fine because ultimately maintaining an encyclopedia is going to be an exercise in drudgery.

But I don't think it is.