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I'm sitting in front of UCF's Business Administration building in the mid-2000s, near the end of my college tenure.

A bit about me: I began this user account on Wikipedia on June 20, 2006, though I remember using the wiki as a school source years before that. So what have I done here anyway? As it happens, my main interests on Wikipedia are:

  • Categorizing and adding/clarifying stub classifications for random articles
  • Categorizing and cleaning up aritst, song, and album pages (all music genres)
This is my favorite wiki activity, though I realize it's rather meaningless in the scheme of things--the world is not going to improve because someone who visits Wikipedia now knows the bonus track listing of the 2012 digital reissue of No!; but, there it is because of me, and if it brings a smile to the face of the viewer, then I am content.
How cool is this! A wiki-cake! I'll take a slice.
This user, Egpetersen, hereby states that he always intends to edit in good faith. Any edits made in his name are not intended as personal attacks or insults or to cause any form of hurt.

Useless userboxes[edit]

The paragon of self-indulgence.
The following design was "borrowed" from this user page; userboxes have come from all over the place through the years.