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I'm Eric Husman, also the Grim Reader.


As of today, I have made over 12 edits, and rank #Next_to_Last on Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits.

I'm a filthy American classical liberal. As such, I don't have a dog in many left-right fights, so I am able to approach them very NPOVly.

I spellz gud, an' mah grammer is exalunt, so sumtimes Ah lak to fix broken sh... stuff.

Current Contributions[edit]


Social issues, law, and economics[edit]

Science and engineering[edit]

Management theory[edit]

Industrial Organization[edit]

Things I intend to work on[edit]

The road to hell is paved with ...

If I get really interested in reading about <gasp> commies in the labor movement

  • Communists in the U.S. Labor Movement (1919-1937) (does anyone know why this and the next are split up?)
  • Communists in the U.S. Labor Movement (1937-1950) (at least this one has references)
  • Bringing the Filippo Corridoni page over from the Italian wiki

Useful links[edit]

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