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Eisen Gross
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This user lost his hand in a bowling accendent. Kingpin (1996)
Dr. Stangelove Mein Führer, this user drinks only pure grain alcohol and rain water to protect his preserve his bodily fluids.
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Eisen, as most know him as, is a German, Italian, and Hungarian and of course his home county American. He's a woodwindist, knowing how to play Clarinet primarily, sax, flute, and oboe as well. He also knows Guitar and piano too. Know's more about music theory then most others. He's big into the ways of Science and believe that all the answers are held somewhere within it. He's a strong believer in Geomety and Trig. He is a webmaster for his boy scout troop in Denver Colorado. He knows HTML and JavaScript. He can make Flash animations and is learning basic programing. He's a PC/Mac kind of guy, not caring what he's on just that he is on a computer, but he dose own a Macintosh (A Macintosh G5 Dual 2.5 Ghz PowerPC processors liquid cooled, running 2.5 gb of ram with a max of 8 gb., with a possible multi-screen configuration). Eisen is big in technology and is slightly wired on the count that his mom is a licensed clown of the name of Ogee. Eisen has more friends then you. He is also the director of "Czar Wars" and is the founder of Cresthill Lane Pictures. He knows a bit about cars and is a Ford fan (Chevys SUCK!) He spends his time riding his bike, camping, and hangin' out. He also loves to make models especially model rockets. At the current time he his working on a V-2. He loves living in Colorado, and must say GO ROCKIES!!!


Eisen owns two main pets. First of all he owns a Yellow Nape Amazon (parrot) named Shera who is now 22 years old and will live to 75 years. Shera is Eisen's closes companon and they have a close relationship due to the fact that she believes that she was the one to lay the egg that Eisen came out of. Eisen also owns a Beta fish (chiness fighting fish) named Hornblower.


Eisen was born in Englewood, CO at Swedish hospitable. He grew up 1 block south of the University of Denver. He went to University Park Elem until 4 grade when he moved to Highlands Ranch, CO. He enroled at Fox Creek and later Cresthill Middle School and is now at Highlands Ranch High School. While in Cresthill he and a few friends placed 4th place at the St. Marys Academy math competition. Also during this time, as a result of a movie assigned to him and a few friends that had to do with the Russian Revolution Cresthill Lane Pictures Inc. became, with there first film Czar Wars I. He's now enroled in Highlands Ranch High School, home of the Falcons (Chaw). Where he proudly displays his colors of Black, Blue, and Silver.


Eisen has to many hobbies. He like listing to his short wave radio. As well as making movies with his friends. He works on models of rockets and planes. Hanging with his dad is a major thing in his life. The computer is another thing that is important, being that he knows many things in the computer world. And saved best for last, he is a scout. He also knows Clarinet and Saxophone. He's been playing Clarinet since 3rd grade and Sax since 5th. He was o Eisen also enjoys art and draws and paints to pass time.


Eisen is Macintosh and Windows ordinated. He knows Adobe (Macromedia) Flash MX 2004 and photoshop. He has an adverage knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. And has his certification in Office 2003. Eisen is teaching himself Applescript. He is a mentor for many people on the computer. He is prode of his computer skills and enjoys to challenge himself daily. He's on his Tech-Support team at school, and teaches the two junior class men how to use a Mac. He is the website for BSA troop 199.


Eisen has been playing Clarinet since 3rd grade. He taught himself sax and other woodwinds. Because of his friends he play piano and guitar. When he was in 5th grade he joined Colorado Honor Band Association. He learned theory and other musical know how. He's always been enrolled in his school band no matter what. He joined jazz band in 8th grade and has been in it through Middle and High school so far. He loves playing Clarinet. And teaching others about theory. He knows how to direct music and is now working on writing a theory pocket book. He helps the wind section in the jazz band play and understand the lessons that their teacher teaches them.


Eisen loves art in every way possible. He loves drawing, writing, modeling, sculpting, cartooning, and much more. The Denver Art Museum is the funnest museum to go to next to the Denver Nature and Science Museum. He cartoons a cartoon named School Days and as a signature drawing of his Cajun Band, "Mixed Cajun".


Eisen is a Life Scout of Denver's 60 year old High Adventure Troop 199. He has been Senior Patrol Leader for his troop twice now. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader once. He has served as Cobra Patrol Leader 3 times. And Order of the Arrow Representative 3 times. He is also the founder of his troops website and updates it weekly. Eisen shows a lot of scout spirt and expects to get Eagle. Resently he worked at Tahosa High Adventure Base of Denver Area Council as a CIT (Counciler in Training) and hopes to return next year.

Order of the Arrow[edit]

He is also a Brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow, the honor society of campers. Eisen got into the OA early in the beginning of his second year of scouting, or when he was a first class scout. He joined Tahosa Lodge 383, Denver Area Council's OA Lodge. He started to do things in the background in his chapter. Once asked to go to National Leadership Seminar, Eisen meet saw the opportunities that laid before him. He asked to be Service Chairmen for Tahosa Lodge 383. Mid way though his term, the Vice Chief of Actives, having known Eisen's enthusiasm in Boy Scouts, asked Eisen to replace him once his family moved to Illinois. Eisen took the job as a honor. The following year came by and it was time to vote again. Eisen became Lodge chief. And that is where he stands today.


Eisen is a highly trained individual in scouting. He has attended National Leader Seminar (NLS), National Advance Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE). National Conservation and Leadership Sumit (NCLS 2007). Big Horn National Youth Leadership Training (Denver Area Council). He teaches at Lodge Leadership Development (Tahosa Lodge). He's also in charge of putting on the Frontier District Junior Leadership Training, and his Troop Junior Leadership Training.


Eisen is hoping for a future in Aeronautics or Austronautics.