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Real life Info
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What I do in real life[edit]

I live in the Philippines. I have a degree in Physical Therapy. My hobbies include playing computer games (Diablo II is a favorite) and art (draw, paint, etc.).

One of the things I live by is that you can never know enough so I try to learn as much as I can about pretty much anything. I can't say I have a specific area of expertise, though most of people assume it's either "science," "computers" or "humanities".

Outside Wikipedia[edit]

I'm also on deviantart. Drop by and have a look at my artwork.

What I do in Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia Info
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I mostly browse around, either clicking random article or searching for whatever topic catches my fancy at the moment. If the article needs a touch-up (eg. spelling, grammar, etc.) I'll do it; if I can add something to it, and I have the references, I'll do that too.



I have just one complete article to date: Chiaroscuro (comics), which I posted March 1, 2006; as first articles go, I'm damn proud of it.

You can view a list of my contributions here.