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The native form of this personal name is Kiss Norbert. This article uses the Western name order.

I'm a Hungarian Wikipedia editor living in the Czech Republic. Mainly I'm working on the Hungarian sides, but sometimes I try to put articles (of Hungarian background) to the English Wikipedia. But who am I?

y name is Eino81 (Norbert "Ince" Kiss). I'm a linguist, a graphic artist and a tour guide. My nickname refers to initial, because I used to write in Medieval style. I got my degree at the University of Szeged , Hungary. I have lived once in Helsinki, Finland, and I loved that. I speak Hungarian, English and Finnish well, these are my main languages. My research topic is bilingualism. I keep a (mainly) Hungarian-language blog called Északi fény ('Northern light'), and an (also Hungarian) Fryslan-topic blog [1].

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And this is important for me, but only for me:

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