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Hi, I'm Eirik Ruade. I am a metal head. My 2 favorite bands are Týr and Symphony X. I play Rugby Union. I am from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. My username is the Norwegian name of Erik the Red. I wish I had picked a better name. I have way too many userboxes, and am planning on narrowing them down to the important ones. I am a user of MySpace. My MySpace page is My current signature is "...Patrick (talk, cntrb.) 01:42, 30 April 2007 (UTC)" I recently changed it due to the image i used in it. which aprently is not allowed. it was the Faroese flag incase you're wondering.


Other Files[edit]



This map is a very nifty way of showing my travel past/future. Better than those flags. So here's how the map breaks down:

  • Blue - are countries I have lived in (just Canada)
  • Red - Countries I have visited
  • Pink - Countries I ahve visited which i really enjoyed, and would probably do again
  • Dark Blue - Countries I would like to visit (note Hong Kong, its really small)
  • Green - Counries I would really like to visit (note the Faroes, they're really small)
  • Yellow - Countries I would rather like to avoid.

My non-paying job-hobby jobby[edit]

  • this is sort of a job-hobby

Pages I work on[edit]

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  • my Sandbox. i don't know why i'm telling you as its MY SANDBOX. you can use it if you want, just get rid of your info when you're done. or don't, chances are i'll do it anyways.

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