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Leo Maslíah, from "Special Performance", 1983

José was travelling at ease in a public transportation unit, thinking in nothing in particular when he felt a tapping at his shoulder and a voice, a child voice telling him "imagine camels, imagine camels". And José, who didn't find any reasons not to follow his command, imagined camels. And the child said "Now imagine that you are traveling in the desert and you are really thirsty". And José did imagine it. And the child said "imagine that three guys are hitting the hell out of your head while you have both hands tied", and José didn't quite enjoy it; but whether he liked it or not, he had already imagined it. Then the child said "now imagine that you are sitting at a stadium bleacher and from the field a very skewed goal kick comes through and the ball gets into your mouth and you cannot get the ball out no matter how hard you try". At that point, José turned around and seeing that the child was with his mother, he told her "Lady, make him stop, make him stop". And the mother said "kid, give this Gentleman a break". So José felt a big inner peace and could focus all his will on thinking on a household appliance but in the deepest of his brain there were still echoes of a song that the very same day FM I don't know what broadcasted for a thousand times: "Nobody tells me what I have to think, I think what I want and so I happily live my life"