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This user was once a sorta prolific contributor to the Wikipedia. I have some contribs on the Chinese Wiki, on Wikibooks, Simple Wikipedia, Meta, etc. I was heavily involved in creating a number of very good articles, or so I think, and creating an article on economic discrimination.

Then I had a series of personal losses in December. A series of personal altercations in January. And I lost custody of my daughter to my ex, which took a lot of the fire out of life for me. I got a new job, a difficult one with long hours, and I just don't have the time to contribute. After seeing one of the most respected admins of this community, and someone I personally thought was more clear-sighted, defend Essjay's actions, I realized I was no longer happy trying to fit in.

I made a series of edits, and things that needed straightening up, I did. I made copies of the articles I created from scratch to donate to other Wiki's. I license everything I did or wrote or created for Wikipedia as GDFL or open source, whichever you prefer.

I will miss Doug Bell, and Gracenotes, and Kyoko, and Moreschi, and WizardryDragon, and even that foolish inclusionist pig-dog Badlydrawnjeff. But I will keep in contact with them, too. There's other people I'll miss, but I'm not here to have a tearjerking wikidrama.

I have no axes to grind. I just don't care anymore. Maybe you should care. Maybe I'm wrong to leave. But you know, the more I study it, the less I care, and the more I ask myself why I should care about Wikipedia, the fewer answers I can find.

Vaya con dios.

Please make sure you leave a message for Kyoko who needs your support.

This user is still very upset at recent events in her life, and may be slow to respond

Wikipedia-logo BW-hires.svgThis editor has decided to leave Wikipedia.