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I think Wikipedia is the beginning of a much bigger thing. I'll tell my grandkids that I was there near the start of WikiWorld! Editing Wikipedia and Wikinews is mostly a huge time waster for me but, it has changed the way I look at humanity. I think it is amazing that the contributions of well meaning people are able to overwhelm the efforts of the vandals that pop up daily. It is always quicker and easier to smash things than it is to build something beautiful, and yet, absolutely anyone is allowed to edit Wikipedia! There is no pre-screening to determine if you are smart, or honest, or well intentioned. So, how is it that Wikipedia stays full of true, useful, high quality articles and is getting better all the time? Humanity must be mostly good**. I may be overstating it but it really does give me a good feeling to participate in this.**with a little help from the Wiki-scanning robots which are designed by volunteersElectricmic (talk) 01:23, 21 March 2008 (UTC)