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This page lists examples of capacitance. Grouped by orders of magnitude.

List of orders of magnitude for capacitance
Factor (Capacitance) SI prefix Value Item
10-12 pF 1×10-12 F small mica and PTFE capacitor.[1]
5×10-12 F low condenser microphone.[2]
4×10-12 F capacitive sensing of air-water-snow-ice.[3]
10-11 4.5×10-11 F variable capacitor[4]
4.9×10-11 F yoga mat of TPE[5] with relative permittivity of 4.5[6] and 8 mm thick sandwiched between two 1 dm² electrodes.
10-10 1.00×10-10 F high condenser microphone.[2]
3.30×10-10 F variable capacitor[4]
10-9 nF 1×10-9 F typical leyden jar.[7]
10-7 1×10−7 F small aluminum capacitor.[1]
8.2×10-7 F large mica and PTFE capacitor.[1]
10-3 mF 6.8×10-3 F small electric double layer supercap.[1]
100   1.5×100 F large aluminum capacitor.[1]
103 kF 5×103 F large electric double layer supercap.[1]

SI multiples[edit]

SI multiples for farad (F)
Submultiples Multiples
Value SI symbol Name Value SI symbol Name
10−1 F dF decifarad 101 F daF decafarad
10−2 F cF centifarad 102 F hF hectofarad
10−3 F mF millifarad 103 F kF kilofarad
10−6 F µF microfarad 106 F MF megafarad
10−9 F nF nanofarad 109 F GF gigafarad
10−12 F pF picofarad 1012 F TF terafarad
10−15 F fF femtofarad 1015 F PF petafarad
10−18 F aF attofarad 1018 F EF exafarad
10−21 F zF zeptofarad 1021 F ZF zettafarad
10−24 F yF yoctofarad 1024 F YF yottafarad

This SI unit is named after Michael Faraday. As with every International System of Units (SI) unit named for a person, the first letter of its symbol is upper case (F). However, when an SI unit is spelled out in English, it should always begin with a lower case letter (farad)—except in a situation where any word in that position would be capitalized, such as at the beginning of a sentence or in material using title case. Note that "degree Celsius" conforms to this rule because the "d" is lowercase.— Based on The International System of Units, section 5.2.

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